Oracle HCM – Optimizing Workforces through Innovation

Oracle has, yet again, come up with a plug and play solution to enhance employee experience and empower people in an organization – the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud. The opportunities around social collaboration and mobile technology are forcing companies to look at transforming the way they work. Oracle is offering this automation of employee lifecycle from recruit to retire – a transformational blueprint that need not be all cloud or even all on-premise.
What’s causing the stir in HR?
The key trends that are causing HR Transformations and shaping these technologies can be listed as follows:
• Global HR Management
• Demand for Workforce Analytics
• Self-service HR Delivery
• Social Collaboration
• HR in the Cloud and SaaS
• Talent and Pay for Performance
Thus, a solution that stands up to the user’s requirements, meets the business needs, aligns the strategies properly and offers the choice on how to get there is what is essential to the successful running of business. The Oracle Fusion HCM has been designed to help an organization find, engage and keep talent – a strategy that gives a competitive advantage over others.
Figure 1. Oracle Application Strategy
hcm 2
With Oracle, innovation starts with the cloud platform – the place where all the goodness that fusion delivers starts to happen and that is leveraged across a variety of application services, like HCM, CRM and Financials, etc.  Businesses now need something that is faster than the market and Oracle steps in with just the right solution – allowing innovative work around recruiting and managing resources.
What’s inside the Oracle HCM Mystery Box?
Figure 3. Oracle’s Complete HCM Solution – Delivering modern HR in the Cloud
Social has grown out of being just a conversation – it is now part of how business gets done as collaborations have expanded. Customers want systems to be agile – they prefer to not be on the system, but instead get alerts when something important needs their attention. The Cloud has made everything easier with up-to-date information and aligned resources, where constant engagement with IT is not necessary. The Oracle HCM has made the user experience more intuitive and modern, with greater connectivity and mobile applications.
 What does it look like?
hcm 3
Figure 2. Oracle Cloud-Ready Application (Innovation included)
 The software interface is both intensive, like Amazon with a multitude of features and options available, and simple, like an ATM transaction with everything available a touch away. This combination is what most HR professionals and managers would want to see – an interface that is easy to use and if required, has all the details with minimal interference of the IT (Thank God! – the IT has similar remarks as well.) There, we already have thankful teams now.
The Final Vote of Say
Lately, it has become more than important to know people better, to work as a team and do things done. With Oracle Fusion HCM’s user-centric design, it is possible to provide value to every person in the organization – from HR Professionals to employees to managers. A global, mobile, user-friendly platform like Oracle HCM that encourages accountability and compliance will help boost efficiency and improve service delivery.

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