Oracle ADF Integration with SOA and 3rd party webservices

We have launched a hands-on training series on Integration of Oracle ADF and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). With the help of this training series, ADF Developers can learn to integrate their Oracle ADF applications with third party applications using BPEL, webservices and powerful Data Controls in ADF Framework.

What is covered in Part-1

The part 1 of this training series covers the following:

Agenda of our Training Series

First we outline the agenda of this training series.

Oracle Fusion Application Overview

Then we will have a brief overview of our scenario that we picked up and transform it in the form of an application.

Creating Data Control:

Then we will jump to the most important section of this part of our training session and will discuss about the development of ADF Data Control using Java class, incorporate functions for getting categories and products and integration of ADF Data control with ADF Faces Components.

What’s Next:

That is all for the first part of our training series. In the part 2, we will start with the development and advance implementation of Transient VO and the integration of our application with a 3rd party application called Avalara using JSON and webservices.


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