Mobile Web – Your guide on how to win customers!

The continuous progress in the smart phones industry has led users to remain connected to this e-world more than before. Now they are not only browsing and communicating but purchasing everything from a pin to an airplane, reserving hotels for holidays, running online awareness campaigns, raising funds of charity and much more.
This e-world has become so real to people that they have started being choosy about the content they like to see and how they want it to see. This drift in users behavior is one of the reasons all businesses which are mostly dependent on their online presence are making their websites mobile friendly.
There are two ways to support your website on these devices.

1. Responsive Layouts 

First one is to design a responsive layout for your website that will adjust its dimensions on a desktop, mobile and tablets respectively.   Businesses that don’t solely depend on their website like hotels, banks, corporate sector etc. can opt for responsive layout of their regular website. Here’s an example of how a responsive design will look in different screen sizes;

2. Dedicated Mobile Website

The other way is to build a mobile version of your website that will make it look similar to a mobile application, this is irrespective of any OS user has on the device. If your website is the revenue generating unit for your business and has huge incoming traffic then it’s better to design a mobile version of your website. This mobile version will have a slightly different layout than your regular website. It will be fast and won’t put load on your web servers. E.g. of such businesses include ecommerce platforms, social networks, online news/magazines. Here’re are some examples of such designs;
By using existing design patterns, you can begin to explore different options to quickly get your website ready for the small screen. But don’t stop with existing patterns; use them as a jumping-off point to explore a design and that will help you consider options you might not have thought of.


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