Mobile Supplier Onboard App for SAP S4HANA


Swift Supplier onboard app for SAP S4HANA provides highly functional and extremely user-friendly mobile, tablet and web user-interface with QR Code and Bar Code scan capability to quickly have a glance of customer details and add/update supplier details.

Swift Supplier onboard App provides the following key features:

Note: You need Swift platform service to use this application.

Supplier Onboard

Swift Supplier onboard app provides feature to add/update supplier details.

Enter Supplier Information:

  • Alpha Name 
  • Credit Message 
  • Address
  • Country 
  • Add’l Ind Tax ID
  • Carrier
  • Delivery Instructions 1
  • Payment Terms
  • Tax Rate Area


  • Country Code
  • Phone Number 


  • Electronic Address
  • Electronic Address Type

View Supplier Data and Update

Swift Supplier onboard app provides customer details and add/update with the following:


  • Address Number 
  • Alpha Name 
  • Individual Tax ID
  • CM 
  • SCH Type and more 

Supplier Master Revision:

  • Address Number 
  • Long Add Number
  • Credit Message
  • Payment Terms 
  • Payment Instruction
  • Factor/Special Payee
  • Parent Number 
  • Approver Number and more 


Dashboard View

Swift Supplier onboard App provides a quick snapshot of the supplier details and more.

Here are some key elements of the Dashboard:

  • The Dashboard Widgets are configurable to get the supplier details as per the code and status. 
  • The Widgets are drill-down capable, Tapping on the supplier widget takes you directly to the list of details.

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