Mobile Inventory Adjustments App


Swift Inventory Adjustment app provides highly functional and extremely user-friendly mobile, tablet and web user-interface with QR Code and Bar Code scan capability to your warehouse workers to perform Inventory Adjustments on the go.

Swift Inventory Adjustments App provides the following key features:

Note: You need Swift platform service to use this application.

Inventory Adjustment Inquiry

Swift Inventory Adjustment app provides:


  • Document Number 
  • Document Type
  • Transaction Explanation 
  • Branch/Plant 
  • Batch Number 
  • Transaction Date
  • G/L Date and more..

Inquiry by Search:

  • Document Number 
  • Transaction Explanation
  • Branch/Plant

Inventory Adjustments

Swift Inventory Adjustment app provide:


Inventory Adjustments:

  • Branch/Plant
  • Transaction Date
  • Explanation
  • Item 
  • Item-copy


  • Quantity
  • Location
  • LOT
  • Unit Cost

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