Mizuno embraces Swift for enterprise mobility starting with Sales Orders and EDI Mobility with their JD Edwards and SPS Commerce.  Mizuno is one of the world’s leading sports goods manufacturers with a massive global presence and headquarters in Japan.

Mizuno, leading sports good manufacturer, embraced Swift

Mizuno has embraced the power and simplicity of Swift platform to launch Sales Order and EDI mobility dashboards integrated seamlessly with their JD Edwards ERP and SPS Commerce EDI platform.

This helps their supply chain executives get all the key insights in the real-time about the EDI Sales Order received, processed and shipped with their major trading partners and any order discrepancies and variances.

Mizuno intends to roll out Swift apps across the enterprise and has opted for the unlimited apps bundle.


Mizuno Corporation is a world leader in sports equipment manufacturing. In particular, Mizuno’s baseball equipment is considered one of the foremost brands, and the manufacturer’s irons are the leading clubs used on the Professional Golf Association tour. As of 1997, six of the past ten Masters winners had played with Mizuno irons. The company produces its products in-house and maintains offices and dealers across the globe, including in Japan, France, Canada, Germany, England, Taiwan, and the United States.


Mizuno, as part of their major EDI integration initiatives, needed a reliable partner with solid track record of delivering complex JD Edwards integrations across multiple supply chain systems. They needed to integrate their JD Edwards with some of their top trading partners including but not limited to Amazon, Dicks sporting goods, Sports Academy and Zappos using SPS Commerce EDI platform.

They wanted to work with a world-class partner with strong expertise on JD Edwards integration technologies including EDIs, Business Services (BSSVs) and latest digital transformation toolsets including AIS and JDE Orchestrator for digital transformation, integration and enterprise mobility initiatives.

Swift provides Mizuno the ability to have Sales Order and EDI Mobility dashboards for their Supply Chain executives to be on top of their game with key EDI metrics and the ability to drill-down wherever appropriate. In order to provide visibility to the Supply Chain executives on orders being received, processed and shipped with their trading partners Swift is providing insights both from JD Edwards and SPS Commerce.


Ephlux as part of the broader EDI project had brought to the table its strong expertise and experience with complex Supply Chain integrations across multiple industries and systems with strong knowledge and a successful track record of consistently delivering for other large enterprise customers.

Ephlux put together a specialized team of JD Edwards integration specialists to align, plan and execute with our partner SPS Commerce (the leading EDI platform provider) and with Mizuno Supply Chain and IT team. The functional specs of the common EDI protocols and tables that were most important across the trading partners were initially analyzed to extract the common integration scenarios and data mappings.

Once that was done, the team then focused on the design and development and testing of the EDI interfaces and integration scenarios between JD Edwards EDI tables with SPS Commerce platform.

Using Swift, Mizuno Supply Chain executives are empowered to take timely decisions by getting real-time visibility in to B2B Sales Orders through EDI Mobile Dashboards displaying key metrics related to EDI orders from the key trading partners with seamless integration with their JD Edwards ERP and SPS Commerce.

Some of the key insights available to Mizuno Supply Chain executives are:

  • No. of Orders grouped by Customers (Amazon, DSG, Academy/PGA etc.) 
  • No. of Orders Shipped in a particular day 
  • No. of Orders with Errors rejected by EDI 
  • Order Variance between SPS and JDE orders 

The metrics on the Dashboard drill-down to show those orders in Swift Find/Browse forms. This functionality will be later expanded to see the Orders under error in JDE and send notifications to concerned departments.


“We feel that Swift is a God-sent and a game-changer for us. The ability for our BAs and even power users to create apps across mobile and web integrated with our ERP within a couple of days, that otherwise took months for a whole dev team, is amazingly empowering. It was hard to believe at first!”  

Brian Sherrard – 
Distribution Manager, Mizuno USA

Functional Overview

  • JD Edwards & SPS Commerce Integration 
  • Swift Dashboard with EDI KPI metrics
  • Swift Find/Browse Forms for Drill-Down of the KPIs
  • No. of Orders grouped by Customers (Amazon, DSG, Academy, PGA etc.)
  • No. of Orders shipped in a particular day
  • No. of Orders with Errors and Order Variance between SPS and JDE orders.

Technical Overview

  • JD Edwards AIS & Orchestrations
  • Swift drag-n-drop Integration with JDE AIS and Orchestrations
  • Swift drag-n-drop Integration with SPS Commerce
  • Mobile, Tablet and Web Dashboard and Apps

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