Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Corp. has announced the launch of its own Windows-powered tablets called Surface on 18th June, 2012 in Los Angeles. It is expected to be available in market by the end of October, 2012.

Two Models

First model is Windows RT which is thinner than the latest iPad. It has a 10.6-inch screen with a 16:9 HD resolution. The larger display on the Surface weighs 24 grams extra than iPad. It resembles Windows Phone and uses low power processors. It will come with either 32GB or 64GBof memory.
Second model is built around an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU and it runs Windows 8 Professional and uses traditional Intel chips. Compared to Windows RT, it’s slightly less thin i.e. 13.5 mm and heavier 903 g in weight. It will come with 128GB of memory.
Both models have full-size USB ports i.e. USB 2.0 for the Windows RT model and USB 3.0 for the Windows 8 Professional model which differentiates them from iPad. Both have a shorter battery life than Apple’s iPad and will be available in WiFi only.


Microsoft Surface Tablet uniqueness is its magnetic cover that works as a full-size keyboard with slightly raised keys and a trackpad. The Touch Cover which is 3mm thin comes in different bold colors.
There is also a stand integrated into the case. It opens to set the tablet open at a 22degree anglewhich is ideal for watching a movie, video calling or typing using the smart cover.
As far as apps are concerned, Microsoft has fallen way behind Apple, Google and Blackberry because there are more than 600,000 apps across the iPad, iPhone and Mac and more than 225,000 apps, specifically for the iPad. While Microsoft Windows smartphones have only about 70,000 apps.

Comparision between Microsoft Surface Tablet and AppleiPad

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft will be working with Apple’s iPhone-maker, Pegatron, to manufacture the Surface tablet and is hoping that its new hardware will allow users to replace their Apple iPads and Windows 7 laptops with new Windows 8 tablets.


  • TheNextWeb apparently has a source close to Microsoft who says that Surface for Windows RT will cost above $599, while the Surface tablet running Windows 8 Pro will start at $999. By comparison, Apple’s 3rd generation iPad starts at $499, and the 32 gigabyte model will match the entry level Surface’s storage and purported price at $599. However the iPad outmatches even the ‘Full HD’ Windows 8 Pro Surface in terms of its brilliant 2048 by 1536 Retina display screen (at least in terms of resolution). If Microsoft does price the lesser of two surfaces to match the mid-range iPad, I would not be surprised if this well-crafted piece of electronics goes the way of the Zune.

  • Steve

    So here it is ready to be launched in 9 days.

  • I am getting the impression that these two products don’t quite go head to head. While (in the non-tablet arena) Windows and Apple computers do compete they seem to have differing if overlapping markets and adherents. The Surface does seem to be a hybrid tablet and laptop and perhaps with Microsoft’s more mainstream business orientation will lead to deployment in corp environments integrating with and expanding on extant enterprise systems. Or are ultra-books a better option here?
    Time will tell – especially if Microsoft is a little late for this party.

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