Companies are under a huge dilemma!

On one hand, they have to make massive changes at a pace they haven’t made before and on the other they have to figure out how to do that without taking big financial risks. 

Swift is here to break this dilemma by helping JDE business analysts create highly functional and user friendly mobile and web apps automatically integrated with their JDE faster than they can spec them.

Let’s gang up to break this dilemma and make the massive changes that need to be made today!

Join Ephlux as we unleash a new paradigm of low-code, no-code “disposable apps” for JD Edwards.

To respond to the many challenges thrown by Covid, companies are having to re-assess their strategies and business processes every few weeks, instead of few quarters and years. What this means is the life-time for any business process and the app that supports it is now much shorter than 5 years.

The 9 months app development and 3 month operationalization cycles just don’t add up to this new reality. As companies experiment rigorously their way through this pandemic and beyond, they would need a framework to swiftly design, create, deploy, operationalize and even dispose off apps. An app that takes more than a month to deploy from the point it was envisioned is going to be a no-go.

Covid has fundamentally changed how business apps are going to be designed, built, deployed, operationalized and disposed off, now and forever. Welcome to the age of disposable apps”.


In this webinar, we’ll cover how JD Edwards business users and business analysts can design, build, deploy and launch mobile and web apps in days, that are automatically integrated with JDE applications, orchestrations and databases without having to write a single line of code.