Fireside Chat with Mark Goedde

We had the pleasure of hosting Mark Goedde, Co-Founder & CEO at NuVerge, Founder & Former CEO at Denovo. 

In our engaging conversation, we delved into the significance of no-code app automation in driving innovation within enterprises.

Mark shared valuable insights into how adopting no-code solutions can empower businesses to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the transformative impact of no-code app automation on enterprise dynamics. Don’t miss this exploration of the future of innovation in the business landscape.

We will discuss how these partners are helping their JD Edwards customers with mobility, automation, innovation and agility using
Swift – ERP low-code/no-code app automation.

We will discuss how these partners are helping their JD Edwards customers with mobilityautomationinnovation and agility using
Swift – ERP low-code/no-code app automation.

Here's what we spoke about

What role does no-code play for enterprise innovation? 

No-code tools are truly transformative. They revolutionize software development, making quick and easy application creation accessible, even for non-coders.

In the innovation landscape, no-code empowers users and fosters collaboration between IT and business teams.

In essence, no-code is essential for enterprises, ensuring agility, competitiveness, and innovation. It’s exciting to witness its transformative impact.

How no-code transforms the ‘business pain points’ into ‘episodes of innovation’?

No-code tools are transforming the way enterprises respond to challenges. They empower users to address pain points in real-time, turning them into opportunities for innovation.

By enabling rapid problem resolution, swift iteration, and active user participation, these tools drive positive change and growth within organizations. 

The essence lies in transforming challenges into opportunities for innovation.

What needs the most innovation – system of record OR system of engagement?

Balancing innovation in enterprise systems between the system of record (SoR) and system of engagement (SoE) is vital. While the SoR emphasizes data accuracy, the SoE provides fertile ground for user-centric innovation.

No-code platforms are pivotal in this transformative process, ensuring seamless integration between SoR and SoE. As traditional ERP systems evolve, no-code tools become indispensable, fostering successful innovation in both domains and adapting to dynamic business landscapes.

Pros n cons of no-code enterprise app automation vs point solutions 

The choice between specialized SaaS solutions (point solutions) and enterprise no-code automation platforms depends on the organization’s scale, integration needs, and long-term goals. 

Point solutions offer quick implementation but lack seamless integration and thus are suited for smaller organizations.

Enterprise app automation platforms provide a unified environment for larger enterprises, leveraging existing business logic. The decision hinges on the specific tasks, scale, and objectives of the organization.

Should no-code be a developer tool or a business analyst tool? 

A no-code automation platform should cater to both developers and business analysts, recognizing their distinct roles. Developers enhance the platform with coding expertise for customization, while business analysts empower non-technical users through rapid prototyping. 

This strategy fosters agility, democratizes development, and relies on seamless IT-business collaboration. Emphasizing a business analyst-first approach, complemented by developers for custom needs, boosts development process efficiency.

What’s ‘innovation flow’ and how does a no-code platform capitalize on it? 

Innovation Flow is the dynamic flow of generating and implementing ideas within an organization. 

No-code platforms, by enabling rapid prototyping and collaboration, empower a broad range of contributors to seamlessly translate ideas into solutions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and creativity.

Is creating composable and disposable enterprise apps now a reality? 

In the past decade, composable architectures allow rapid assembly and disposal of tailored applications, supported by technological advances for flexibility. “Bespoke development” provides customized solutions without technical debt. 

No-code platforms enable swift development, creating disposable enterprise apps, especially for unique processes. ERP vendors transitioning to business platforms make implementing tailored solutions more accessible.

Watch the full podcast here

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