Living on the edge…

“Just like any other software development company, it’s providing software solutions to mankind.”
“Well so what’s so special about them, why should I join this company?”
“What goals do I have for my career?”
These were among the many questions I had in mind when I was offered to jump into this pool of extraordinary gentlemen and ladies at Ephlux.
So let’s start with how and why I got myself into this? But, please bear with me while I tell you a bit about my past so you gain some context.
I’ve been working with the Software Engineering industry for more than a decade. The journey brought me immense valuable experiences. I learned many things within the Software Engineering domain but also gained insights of Business Development and Processes. I saw alot of startups rise to profit and established businesses fall to ashes.
Such experiences honed my instincts to identify mistakes from afar, andI used my knowledge to provide assistance to many teams and business in building better software, teams and companies.
Coming back to my initial question, Why O why did I join?
Well, I felt that I shared this philosophy with Ephlux that became apparent to me in my interview meetings. I had this optimistic approach towards life that finds an opportunity in a problem; to look for stars in the night; to find humor in tragedy; to take the best out of every experience.
The team at Ephlux shared this same optimism. I can relate to people that see “Problem as an Opportunity” and this became a good reason to jump onboard.
I have always believed that ‘A Problem’ is an ‘Opportunity’aside from being just a problem. Ephlux seems to have that sight beyond sight, a company with a vision that doesn’tjust look for business but trusts itself to deliver success to its clients. A company that is home to its employees and a company that tries to become a helping hand to the client in their routine business operations.
Having worked with many teams in the past, I know there are very few who operate like this. You can call them crazy, but that’s what I am and I’d say that they found another one to add in their list.
The first couple of weeks raised my confidence and faith in the team. At Ephlux, not only employees are dealt as family and clients as friends. The extra care and broad playground an employee gets here, encourages people to be more than an employee and that’s what happening to me.
Most importantly, the nerd in me couldn’t be happier. I get to play with new tech everyday and meet people who inspire me in so many ways. People who are encouraged to do things out of the ordinary, who break their comfort zones and are eager to find that edge to live on. The team here actually lives and breathes the Ephlux motto:
If you are not living on the edge…you are taking too much space.

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