Let’s have a Virtualization Portal for Mobile Data

When the complexity of accessing data becomes larger than the volume of big data, it’s about time to connect to a new portal for the handling. In the enterprise world, this pristine concept has emerged with new infrastructures, mobile-first libraries and obeys standard protocols.
Of what use is the mobile data that is not easily accessible, and that is why there arises a need for a new layer of abstraction that brings the various data sources used by the mobile applications out in the open – exposed and recognized for use. Somewhat like the SaaS (software as a service), this virtualization portal will act as a mobile backend-as-a-service middleware for the enterprise.
Built on top of a mobile API platform, the mobile data virtualization platform enables secure access to data used by mobile applications. By defining mobile-first and context-aware policies, the platform can provide the necessary control access to the business data.
The new layer of abstraction can be seen to act as a mobile device management module acting at the mobile data level. This management module manages the complexity of integration of business systems for mobile app development. Having a common Data Catalog makes the system’s knowledge specified, and the developers are able to use a single syntax to call upon the required data, rather than remembering the location of data and syntax of their sources.
Benefits are huge, and access is not the only reward – with simplified data access, the client code is simplified, with enhanced data-level security that provide a better oversight.