Leaves App for JD Edwards


The Swift Leaves app is your go-to solution for effortlessly managing time off!

It’s the easiest way to track leave, review requests, and ask for medical leave all in one place. Stay updated on who’s out, sync with your calendar, and get quick notifications for smoother operations. Whether it’s booking time off or handling medical leave, Swift Leaves app makes it stress-free and simple.

The Swift Leaves App provides the following key features:

Note: You need Swift platform service to use this application.


The “Dashboard View” of our Leaves app presents an array of essential features designed to streamline leave management.

  • From the moment users log in, they’re greeted with a personalized welcome note and an instructive video on app navigation.
  • The dashboard is equipped with handy widgets like “PTO Inquiry”, “Review Leave Requests”, and “Request Medical Leave”.

PTO Inquiry

In Swift Leaves app, the “PTO Inquiry” feature offers a convenient way to find and browse through leave records.
  • Within this section, users can access detailed records including descriptions, beginning balances, additions, leave taken, available balance, and accrued but not yet available leave.
  • Users can choose between grid and card view options, providing flexibility in how they prefer to visualize their leave data.
  • It’s designed to give users full control and easy access to their leave information, ensuring transparency and clarity in managing their time off.

Review Leave Requests

Within the Swift Leaves app, the “Review Leave Requests” feature offers a user-friendly find and browse form.
  • Users can utilize the search option to filter records efficiently.
  • The information displayed includes request numbers, leave types, leave statuses, total leave duration, leave start dates, and leave end dates.
  • Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose between card and grid view options, providing them with a customizable experience.

This feature ensures seamless navigation and easy access to all leave request details, empowering users to manage leave requests effortlessly.

Request Medical Leave

In Swift Leaves app, the “Request Medical Leave” feature provides a straightforward entry form for submitting medical leave details.
  • Users can easily input all necessary information related to their medical leave request, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  • This user-friendly form streamlines the submission of medical leave requests, enabling users to provide all relevant details accurately and effectively.
  • With this feature, managing medical leave becomes hassle-free, allowing users to focus on their well-being without any additional stress.

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