Launch of Oracle Weblogic 12c – and c stands for cloud!

With Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c already in Market Oracle now launches WebLogic Server 12c, in which the ‘C’ appears to be shorthand for “cloud,” will succeed version 11g, which was first released in July 2009.
Upcoming features include:

  • Java EE 6,
  • Active GridLink for RAC (Real Application Clusters),
  • Traffic Director, and
  • Virtual Assembly Builder, as per oracle.

It also has more exalogic like features:

  • Parallel muxers with Java NIO APIs for low-level I/O based operations
  • An optimized work scheduler providing improvements to the Increment Advisor used to manage the size of WebLogic Server’s Self-Tuning Thread Pool
  • “Lazy” de-serialization of session data on the replica server until required.
  • Multiple replication channels for synchronous in-memory session replication between servers in a WebLogic cluster
  • Adjustments for supporting the  Infiniband and SDP

With the emergence of cloud computing Oracle also puts its way forward by making common platform for all of its products and this is where Oracle Weblogic 12c comes in where all of the Oracle family products can reside and talk to each other.  In addition to this, we already have Oracle Fusion applications in the markets which  are designed as a complete suite of modular applications.  This cloud architecture help customer to improve performanace, lower IT costs and enables the customer to have the business solution which will be completely aligned to their needs and can grow with their business.
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