Key Principles of Low Code, No Code Adoption

Join us for our upcoming webinar as we discuss the key principles of enterprise adoption for low code no code platforms by JD Edwards customers

Matt Batchler is EVP/Partner of Main Street Apps – a specialized JD Edwards partner in the Mid-West, US and Ephlux Reseller and Implementation partner for our Swift platform. 

Matt brings 21 years of experience, 15 of which in and around JD Edwards eco-system. Matt has worked on multiple productization initiatives around both traditional and SaaS products ranging from Startups to Global Fortune 100 companies.

Matt is certified in Organization Change Management and Innovation Leadership and has long been known in the JD Edwards community as an unapologetic evangelist of low code, no code platforms.

Key to any innovation is adoption and there are many principles that drive it across the enterprise. In our webinar, Matt and Ali will discuss 2 key principles that help drive adoption of low code no code platforms for companies using JD Edwards.

“I’ve been active in the evolution of low-code, no-code app automation platforms for the past decade, but what Ephlux has achieved with Swift is heads and shoulders above anything that I’ve seen in the market. We are extremely passionate about the value that we are bringing to our customers using the power of Swift and our partnership with Ephlux”

Matt Batchler – EVP/Partner , Main Street Apps

How Swift is a “game-changer”?

Swift is a low-code, no-code JD Edwards app automation platform that lets you design, build, deploy and launch mobile and web apps in days, that are automatically integrated with JDE modules, orchestrations, 3rd party apps and databases without having to write a single line of code.

Swift is for JDE app automation , what Orchestrator is for JDE process automation.

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