Kathi Browne – Mentoring your Wingspouse™

Kathi Browne, Owner, Wingspouse ConsultingKathi Browne (Owner of Wingspouse™ Consulting) is an Executive Spouse Coach who has dares to mix career progression with marital relationship management. Kathi teaches executive couples how to form a powerful professional partnership, and she helps businesses to incorporate these partnerships into their operations.

Kathi works with Human Resource management to incorporate executive spouses into the recruiting process and other areas where spouses may be willing to participate. As part of the program, she coaches executive couples on how to balance work and marriage, utilize each others’ strengths, and work smarter. Kathi’s non-traditional approach helps companies trim recruitment costs, decrease executive turnover and increase resource efficiency, whilst simultaneously consolidating on the subject’s work-family life balance. The wingspouse concept was recently mentioned by the LA Times as well as on Guy Kawasaki’s blog.

Kathi also maintains www.wingspouse.com, a blog covering topics for the wingspouse couple.
Kathi’s Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kathibrowne

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