JD Edwards Integration: The Power of Consuming And Providing Web Services

What is a Web Service Really?
A set of self contained stateless business functions that accept one or more requests and returns one or more responses through a well defined standards based interface. These services perform discrete units of work such as editing and processing a transaction like price lookup, currency conversion, Add order and weather check, etc.
How JDE Steps In?
Web services have established themselves as the latest trend setter in orchestrating the business processes between applications. Successful in providing communications method between two systems over the web, web services are fast gaining popularity amongst businesses big and small.. It is now possible to orchestrate business processes using web services and automate JD Edwards ERP system.
By utilizing an integration platform that is right-sized for the JDE Platform, much agility can be achieved in getting information in and out of the JD Edwards. With an optimum middleware framework and the correct business process orchestration platform, the JDE can be run to range from World to XE to EnterpriseOne within a Service –Oriented Architecture (SOA) by consuming and providing Web Services as needed.
The Dilemma and Solution:
A common problem observed with the middlewares that are Java-based is that its many components make consumption into the IT department impossible, inconsistent and overlapping. The purpose of business process becomes void when the deployment cannot be completed.  The solution lies in providing a unified business process integration studieo, server and monitor that allows use of umpteen different approaches – integrating any application with any other application.
Processes need to be made easier and convenient by extending JDE using a visual drag, drop and configuring approach to business process integration. The key to selecting an integration middleware platform is finding the balance between convenience in use and power. Solutions that claim to integrate system in minutes cannot be trusted as they might lead to dead-ends when are tried to match with the desired future state. A generic simpleton version of integration nirvana is just not going to cut it.
Consuming and Providing Web Services:
JD Edwards can call and process external Web Services and to enable JDE as a Web Services Consumer, a web service can be created using a web-services proxy to call an external Web Service. E1 Business Services is the alternative name for Web Services. The world is now moving towards SOA, and so E1 has implemented business services as a gateway that provides native web services capabilities such as to develop, publish, consume and administer.
Ephlux has been providing integrated solutions for the JD Edwards platform successfully and with such seamless integrations, the business processes become smooth and convenient. In this progressing world of business services, Ephlux is making a strong stance integrating web services into the business processes and providing Quality Services at that.

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