JD Edwards Business Services – Quick Intro

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business Services Architecture

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides interoperability with other Oracle products and third-party products and systems by natively producing and consuming web services. Web services are standardized ways to interoperate among disparate enterprises. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne web services conform to industry standards. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne web services use a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment to provide and consume inbound transactions and to send outbound event notifications.
This diagram illustrates the architecture for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne web services and business services:

Figure 1: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business service architecture

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as a Web Service Provider

As a web service provider, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne exposes web services for consumption by external systems. Each operation of the web service performs a business process. Multiple Java classes are used to perform the requested business process. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne web service is generated from a Java class called a published business service class. The methods of the published business service class receive and return data through payload classes called value objects. Within each method, internal business service and value object classes are used to access existing logic and data in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system. The business processes exposed through the published business service class can be accessed from an external system using a web service call or from other published business service classes.Business Services Server Understanding Business Services Development 2-3

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as a Web Service Consumer

As a web service consumer, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne calls an external web service from within the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business logic layer. An action that uses a business function occurs in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The business function calls a business service. The business service calls an external web service. A web service proxy is provided end point and security information for the external web service. The external web service returns the results of the call to the business service. The business service passes the results to the business function.
You also can call external services using XML over HTTP when a web service is not available.

Business Services Server

The business services product provides a development environment and a production environment. Integration developers create and test new business services using the development environment. Orchestration developers use the production environment to develop orchestrations including published business service classes, which are exposed as web services.

Development Environment

The business services server provides a business services development client for developing and testing business services as both a web service provider and a web service consumer. The business services development client provides Oracle’s JDeveloper and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business Services Framework as tools to help you create business services. JDeveloper has wizards and code templates that provide Java code to help you develop business services that conform to web service standards. Tools are provided on the development client to enable you to test all aspects of business service development in an isolated environment prior to checking in your code. You must install JDeveloper on your development client.
Each business service class has compile and runtime dependencies on the business services framework classes. The business services framework consists of base classes from which other classes extend. The business service framework provides services such as business function processing and database access.
Reference implementations are included in your software delivery. The business service reference implementations are sample business services provided by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. You can use the reference implementations as models for creating custom business services that can be exposed as web services. A reference implementation also shows how to enable JD Edwards EnterpriseOne consuming a web service.

Production Environment

The business services server production environment is used by administrators to create web services. An administrator generates web service interfaces that expose the business service logic. During the web service generation, Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files are produced. WSDL files describe the available web services and are used by external systems during orchestration development. After web services are generated from the Java classes, they can be consumed by external systems.
The production environment also enables JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to consume web services.

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