Is your Business hard to find? Let Augmented Reality take care of that

Are you losing business to competitors that are more popular? Ever see customers walk into your neighbor’s shops and totally ignoring yours? Augmented Reality (AR) technology is set to change all that.
Augmented Reality is a way to correlate the physical and digital worlds. With AR you can have as a good a physical presence as you have online. AR mobile applications layer a smartphone’s camera view with points of interest that the user is looking for. If he sees you there, it makes a higher chance of him walking in.
AR apps have also developed into not just providing POIs but also reviews, pictures and peers that have already been there. Potential customers can get a view of what you offer and even experience your products with AR before even walking in. This enables a higher chance of them coming in and doing business with you as opposed to someone who they can’t see, read about or experience right from their phones.
The basis of all this is the phones GPS function which collaborates the GPS coordinates and overlays the POIs into the camera image. From there the app can offer reviews and other information online which will further help in the decision making of the customer.
AR technology on mobile can be a very good marketing tool for your business. People can see your business, products, reviews as well as their peers’ experiences with you right from their phone camera.
Augmented Reality on mobile is still in its infancy and it won’t be surprising to see further innovations that may take the AR experiences from mobile phones to the same level as other devices. What innovations do you see coming up with AR? Which ones do you think will best aid your business?

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