Why is Internet Marketing Booming?

Internet has offered an exceptional platform for marketers to promote their products and services. The multiple benefits has made internet marketing more productive tool as compare to traditional marketing methods. Internet Marketing
Social Network Marketing (SNM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & blogging are some of its top methods that are used productively. Moreover, it is more cost effective in comparison to conventional marketing techniques and new things can be learned plus global consumers can be reached promptly. It has proven to be an effective platform from which almost every company is benefiting and it is supporting them to strengthen their relationship with their globally dispersed consumers.
What according to you is the rationale behind its worldwide success in comparison to conventional marketing methods? Moreover, apart from its benefits, what negativities have you come across about internet marketing and how it can be rectified.


  • Hi Salima,
    Internet Marketing is cost effective due to its quantifyability, everything can be measured.
    People are adopting the Web as a second nature. A company must execute those tactics on the Web when touch pointing customers/target segments.
    Challenges are transparency and the lack of assymetric information, another challenge is that the new local = global, meaning that competition has become more fierce.
    Conventional Marketing can be less quantified and measured.
    Best regards,
    Gianluigi Cuccureddu
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  • Hi Salima,
    With everything, the times change. Our methods of doing things change. The Internet has made sure of that.
    Internet Marketing has so many advantages:
    – Quick
    – Easy
    – Cheaper
    – The ‘smaller’ company now has a fighting chance.
    Conventional Marketing although useful in some cases is just outdated now.
    Let’s face it – the customers USE the Internet. They are using it more and more. It’s only fair, it’s only right to reach them on the medium which they use.
    Challenges with Internet Marketing:
    – Very fast advancement means people have to really spend a lot of time researching and keeping up to date with the latest trends and methods.
    – Sometimes the data can be misleading (depending on which method you use – as with everything some are better than others).
    Overall, we live in a fast paced, modern, instant worls. The Internet allows us to live that way. And now, we’re marketing that way.
    Kind Regards
    Haroon Rashid
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    * Steve Martile

  • hi salima, i would add this to the other commenters:
    in many parts of the world, internet marketing IS conventional marketing. the old ways of mass media no longer work as well as they used to.

  • The changes in marketing are only empowered by the tools available to marketers through the internet. There are other changes going on too. There are a variety of consumer tools that limit the effectiveness of traditional marketing. DVR/Tivo have virtually elminated the effectiveness of commercials. Cable radio, iTunes and the iPod have elminated the need to listen to commercials when you want to hear music. Do not call lists have elminated consumer oriented telemarketing. The list goes on and one. Marketers have to be smarter and the have to practice inbound marketing. They have to create selling experiences that WOW their target market. They finally have to really look at their businesses and make them remarkable! The tools are the same, but the message delivery has to change.
    If you want to learn more, check out some of the links below.
    * http://www.realitymarketingrevolution.com
    * http://www.square2marketing.com
    * http://www.hubspot.com

  • Hi Salima
    The internet brought people back into the marketplace – and the conversation began again. There was a fabulous little book written about 10 years ago that sums this all nicely up – The Cluetrain Manifesto. I think we’ve seen resitance to this paradigm, assertations that it is new and different and therefore should be treated differently. But it is a marketplace with vendors selling wares and communities of people coming together to meet, gossip, and share news. We’ve been doing that for thousands of years.

  • The internet marketing or what is also called inbound marketing has changed the face of regular or outbound marketing in many areas
    Nowadays we live in a permission-based marketing culture — this means that the buyers are:
    More than ever in control of any information disseminated to them
    More in charge of the buying process than ever before — they want to control what information they consume, when and how they do it, and which companies/ products or services they choose to engage.
    Currently to build successful marketing strategies sellers have to include the different stages of the selling cycles in order to engage the majority of the potential early-stage buyers and to nurture the prospective buyers/ clients.
    In fact, we are moving away from traditional marketing – as practiced for decades known as “Outbound marketing” — to a new era of marketing we call “Inbound marketing.
    Outbound vs. Inbound?
    Outbound Marketing or traditional marketing depended on interruption modes that were not authorized, so customers found a way to revolt against the intrusion of these modes, even finding ways to stop it with means such as TIVOs and DVRs, Cable radios, using online news sources and RSS feeds that avoid interruptive ads. Customers also procure services such as caller ID to block unsolicited phone calls, throw away junk mail and delete spam Emails without even reading them
    Inbound Marketing is the new Social Media marketing — it requires the customer’s permission and allows ONLY what that customer wants to hear/read/learn about.
    I will not say the downside of the inbound marketing bit one of the concerns of people about inbound marketing is loosing their privacy specially when FB keeps changing their rules invading members privacy
    So it is also the people’s responsibility to educate themselves about what they should and shouldnt not share online about themselves and about their activities

  • Internet is superior to connectivity and increased cost effectiveness due to technology.

  • Hi Salima,
    Internet Marketing
    is an all-inclusive term for marketing products and/or services online – and like many all-inclusive terms, Internet marketing means different things to different people.
    Essentially, though, Internet marketing refers to the strategies that are used to market a product or service online, marketing strategies that include search engine optimization and search engine submission, copywriting that encourages site visitors to take action, web site design strategies, online promotions, reciprocal linking, and email marketing – and that’s just hitting the highlights.

  • Yes u are right internet marketing is the most easy and fast to interact with users and customers within a few minutes, I belong to this Internet world as well and we are seeing this industry is going up and up… The most important tools which we are using for branding any product or services, which is social media marketing you called it (social Network Marketing)… We are working on many of project which are base on Social Media Marketing (SMM) and our clients are satisfied for this because its really cheap…. and last i dont think so it has any negatives points, that all for now.
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  • Internet marketing – Avoids personal dialogue, hides behind technology
    Conventional marketing – Talks more, use technology (computer) less.

  • Today’s market demand is to have best combination of technology and Conventional Marketing. For success mantra, you need to have both in combination. This is demand of present consumer in market. Consumer need fastest info round the clock.
    Best Regards
    Learner & Helper
    Ravi Sharma

  • Hi Salima,
    Digital Marketing is a morphed form of direct marketing. It, with help from technology gives you the ability to target customers uniquely; you can customise your ad to the liking of the consumer which in turn gives you the ability to customise your product or service if the need be.
    Conventional marketing in turn is many to one which leads to a lot of frequency wastage.
    Digital marketing also gives you the ability to measure the effectiveness of each campaign using analytics and hence optimise your campaign further.
    Most importantly, you get the power to bucket your consumers and offer ads to their liking.
    In terms of negatives, I think privacy is going to be a major issue going forward with digital marketing. The question to where to draw the line when it comes to access to consumer data is not an easy one for an advertiser to answer.

  • I think of at least 3 reasons for its success:
    1. The cost is lower than traditional marketing
    2. You have measurable results, you can know exactly how many people were reached by your message, how many reacted, how many clicked and so on.
    3. It is experimental. You can start with little investment, test, improve and if it works you can then extend. You cannot do this with a TV ad. This has to be a hit from the first moment, otherwise is just money lost
    Regarding the pitfalls here are some of them:
    1. You cannot reach everybody. There are people that do not search the internet, they do not use Twitter or Facebook or other social networks and you cannot reach them.
    2. It depends on your product and your market. Something may work for a product or in one country or market and may not work in another one

  • Great responses and comments.
    Adding a short comment here, I believe that both conventional marketing and internet marketing are still crucial to the overall marketing strategy of any business. With all the benefits mentioned before of internet marketing, people still buy magazines, go out and see billboards, read their mail, watch TV and go out shopping. Regardless how fast paced and wide spread the internet is, people do get out, talk together and go to the gym.
    So, although internet marketing is definitely effective and crucial, demising the value of traditional marketing would definitely cost any business the attraction of many potential customers.
    Another thing, when we say internet marketing, it’s not only digital ads that we choose to click on. Also included are safe list advertising, social networks ads, groups, discussion boards and many others. So, a planned internet marketing campaign can have effective results using the big number of people exposed. However, one of the disadvantages is that people are starting to be aware of that and reluctant to even open ads or read advertising messages (even those on safe lists) and delete them without opening. When someone is on the net, they want to read / write emails, chat with friends, read and post replies / comments, play fun games and so on. Being a target of an internet marketing campaign is the least of an internet user’s priorities. Also, with the widespread of spams and unsolicited emails and ads, more and more people try to stay away from internet ads, unless they are looking for something specific.
    In summary, as a business I would definitely have an internet marketing strategy that targets my potential customers in a safe permitted way, but I would not stop using the conventional and traditional methods of sales and marketing, otherwise I’ll be out of business soon.
    Nuridin Islam
    Financial Freedom Visionary
    Author and Speaker

  • Matthew Leitch

    I agree with Haroon in that everyone now Googles products. When was the last time you saw a noun become a verb? It’s very cost effective just to type in the product you are looking for and shop that way. You can compare the benefits right online. I still prefer to go to a brick and mortar store though to buy at the best price and avoid shipping charges.

  • Victoria Kamm

    Marketing is marketing. The difference is where you put your resources. If you have the correct strategy then your customers will find you. The tactics in either of these places won’t matter a whit if you don’t have the strategy first.
    Just that simple.

  • Fiona Bosticky

    Internet Marketing has achieved worldwide success, as it makes every business suddenly “International”, and no longer limited by location.
    Also as Sahar mentions, clients can now pick-and-choose what information and “advertising” comes TO them.
    A negative of Internet Marketing, is that your mistakes as a business are more easily laid out and shared among potential customers. So there is an additional risk, that needs to be monitored, and dealt with quickly.

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