Intelligent Devices leading to Innovation with Oracle

Over the past few decades we’ve been constantly gifted with a new way to communicate even when we are out and about. From car phones starting in the ‘40s, cell phones in the ’80s, and mobile social networking through smart phones in the 21st Century;  the fact is, as this decade is still getting out of its infancy, smartphone technology and the way we communicate through social networks is still evolving.
People are finding new ways to make use of their mobile devices and businesses are formulating new and innovative strategies to make use of social networks as a new way of customer interaction. We now use smartphones to help with chores, pay bills, share photos, videos, comments, tweets, ‘likes’ among other posts with a wider audience than ever before.
This has given rise to a new machine to machine (M2M) ecosystem. With cloud computing on the rise, along with big data, there is a whole range of new possibilities as well as challenges that are rising. The devices connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ are creating huge amounts of data which have never been experienced by the world of Information Technology. There are still a lot of avenues that need exploring and tools to be developed for this purpose. The sky, or the cloud to be precise, is the limit.
At Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) ’13 the opportunities, challenges and possibilities for new innovations and the way we communicate with each other as well as the way we conduct our affairs through devices will be discussed in further detail.  Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven, Oracle Senior Vice President Chris Baker, Deutsche Telekom Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Thomas Kiessling, and other experts will shed light on this captivating new world.
Incorporating the cloud and big data with your business’ current and future social and mobile systems is essential to capturing the customer who doesn’t wait for anyone.
At Ephlux, we’re experienced and are driven towards specialized integration solutions which will take your business to the next level. So catch us at Oracle OpenWorld and let us ride towards these new horizons together.

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