Importance of Pre Employment Screening

Employees are considered as the most valuable asset of the company as they are directly linked to the organizational productivity and stability. Therefore, prior background screening of a candidate can save us from many potential hassles and risks. Appplicant's Backgroud Check
Therefore, the common practice followed by some companies is that the candidates are asked to submit their state-run identity card number, academic certificates and few references from previous employment that can assist a great deal in assessing candidates’ past employment tenure, designation, attitude towards work and others etc. This is usually done after short listing candidates who cleared the initial screening interview. But at times, when urgent resource need arises, this process of background verification gets neglected in order to meet / fulfill the present resource demand consequently, increasing the risk of hiring a candidate whose background couldn’t be verified appropriately.
What suggestions would you give to eliminate these potential risks particularly when the resource need is urgent that can enable HR to hire the right reliable candidate for the job?

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  • Wallace Jackson

    I think the answer is to structure the business so that an accelerated resource need does not arise, because there is no real solution to this predicament. Good HR simply takes time.

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