IKEA goes Social in Style

IKEA is a key player contributing to improved lifestyles the world over and clearly deserving to have a place where they could unwind, collaborate and be even more productive – and turning to Ephlux for their Enterprise Social Network proved worth-the-while.

IKEA has been creating well-designed and affordable home furnishing products for a long time now and making life at home so much better. Now, even with some of the world’s state-of-the-art ideas and technologies at their disposal, IKEA found no way to pull together their collective knowledge and conversation to a point for everyone’s benefit. To compete, connect and achieve at a whole new level, an enterprise social network was the need of the hour.
Assembling the solution – Ephlux-style!
Ephlux built a private network that would help IKEA employees collaborate across departments, locations and business apps. Ephlux’s solution, by the name IKEA Social, helps connecting and sharing with the people possible and a promising corporate culture thrives in it.
When most-used features like uploading status, uploading photos and videos became available, connecting was easy as a charm. IKEA Social has many interesting features available – articles and catalogues for viewing, updating and forums for discussions, where employees / managers can post/follow threads.
With IKEA Social, the gap between higher management and employees is bridged and they connect at a deeper level of engagement. Managers have the option to praise someone when an employee does a commendable job – this is what builds a culture of positive competitiveness.
Customizing desktops like you fancy makes collaboration even more convenient – users are able to add the events/ groups they are part of or are interested in and remove those unnecessary. Employees/ managers can even send private messages or group messages and even chat with each other. Even the happiness isn’t contained and the company news can be celebrated unanimously.
What Ephlux has done with this enterprise social network is Value Innovation – users receive news feeds globally but they can opt to choose updates or post to their particular city/region. Teams within the cities may be narrowed down as well, which makes collaboration meaningful by a great deal!
Ephlux couldn’t have answered the need any better, with the Social platform available on Web, Android Phones and Tablets and even on iPhone and iPad, IKEA can now collaborate on the go!
IKEA Revamped!
With the employees getting faster answers to their queries, and healthy discussions going on at forums, groups connecting more transparently, ideas being exchanged continuously and praised, executives engaging with employees easily, IKEA felt a stupendous conversion – they were able to come up with brighter ideas, better products and served happier customers. Much thanks to IKEA Social.
Ephlux has a series of success stories for strategic projects – projects that have made a difference to organizations, the likes of IKEA. For companies who plan to walk the digital path and bring about the true value change by sharing, collaborating and connecting to their own organization first to better serve their customers, Ephlux welcomes you to talk it out and have us help you engage better. After all, only a company with happy employees can expect satisfied customers.