How Kassab Media can Augment Commuter Experiences on RTA’s Dubai Metro

Why Dubai Metro RTA?
The metro has a full operating capacity of providing inter city transport to 1.2 million commuters daily. As of April 2014, the metro has a 35% utilization rate and with the days passing by; the infrastructure is expanding, foreigners’ proportion of population is increasing, and more people are preferring Dubai Metro as their primary means of transport.
Population is increasing 6.4% annually
Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis represent 78% of the population. Whereas, Emirati Arabs consist of only 12.5% percentage of the population.
Arab children spend 40% of their time playing on their personal devices
Tourism is at peak during the months of October to April. Tourism saw a 10% increase in 2013, and has high projections considering Dubai Expo 2020.
Opportunity Set:
Rush leads to unfavorable incidents during peak hours
Most of Dubai’s Metro commuters seem reluctant to take advantage of the many minutes spent between stations.
Home sick expats or tourists have to go through a lengthy process for tracking down their fellow national.
When tourists seek help, they write down their questions on a piece of paper and ask them from a national. However, reliability of the answer is vague, and people end up asking the same question multiple times.
Proposed Advertising Buzz:
Module 1: Capitalizing the rush with in the economy class
Module 2: Attractions for children
Module 3: Connecting fellow tourists, and non nationals
Module 4: Bringing value to static advertising panels