How did the Verticals cross the road to Customer Experience?

Hearty talks of making Customer Experience superior going on as the consumers move past wanting just the “necessary” services, being recognized and heard. I must say as any other customer now, I too would like to have a much deeper level of engagement, where the company or store knows me and my interests and treats me according to my whims and fancies.
According to the Temkin Group survey, we see that the Retail sector surpasses all, obviously with their easy-pay and e-commerce steps and omni-channel presence. Sadly, the healthcare sector has yet to see into area of Customer Satisfaction until now, but with much scope available, we’re seeing pioneering steps by some eminent organizations. The Hospitality and Airlines sector are not far ahead, but have made the move and will soon be seen in the leading Customer Experience area.
Here, we’ll look at some of the industries that are running the race and briefly analyze their key strategies and tools.
Guest satisfaction requires the hospitality, travel and leisure business to be integrated to provide a smooth transition between services and products alike. Systems like integrated guest recovery across their customer organization, enabling multiple points of guest contact — hotels, customer service departments, corporate headquarters — to collaborate in winning back the customer. Additionally, customized reporting could be used as web dashboards, work-flows and analysis modules to understand the unique information needs across various roles. Social media integration has become a mandatory inclusion into the strategy to enhance Customer Experience.
Retailers need a customer experience platform that provides a single view of the consumer and delivers personalized cross-channel engagement. The platform should allow connection at every engagement with the brand and deliver a consistent, personalized and interactive experience across all touch-points. It should surely be omni-channel and with a feedback process. Employee engagement is really important in this industry to keep the interactions intact. Obviously, e-commerce options and POS integrations cannot be forgotten as key tools in the Customer Experience elevation.
Banking and Insurance
This vertical needs to provide a seamless cross-channel customer experience with fast, effective, cross-channel campaigns, productive sales with superior execution, and integrated services. Not long ago, customers interacted in person with banks, insurance and investment firms. Today, not so much. I don’t remember the last time I went to the bank for anything. Come to think of it, I haven’t gone ever since I set my account. There. The new channels of interaction have set the expectation bar high, and that said, each and every interaction should be an opportunity for financial services and insurance companies to turn a transactional customer into a lifetime one.
Powered by the voice of customer measurement, predictive analytics and a proven methodology, the new Customer Experience Platforms should provide unparalleled visibility into the multichannel customer experience. A lot of work is to be done, because by the looks of the rising expectation bar, only sky’s the limit.
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