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How Depends On functionality works?

This feature allows a value selected in one field to affect the list of values in other fields.

For Example, While filling a registration form on a website, when you select a country from the Country field, the City field dropdown, in turn, only shows the list of cities relevant to the country you selected. 

This Swift functionality can be used in the Entry Forms, Orchestration Forms, Custom Entry Forms etc.

Lets have a look how we can use this functionality!

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login in to the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account & click on the Applications tab:

Applications List

Scroll down the list & click the Application in which you want to use the above-mentioned feature. This will open up the App Designer:

Now Click either of the Entry Form, Orchestration Form or Custom Entry Form you had previously created.

Configuring the Depends On feature

Click & edit any of the tab in the toolbox which has the ‘Depends On’ functionality such as ‘Tags’, ‘Dropdown’, etc.

In order to make the ‘Item’ field dependent on the branch field , Click Edit on the Item field Control to configure it.

  1. Select Branch from the ‘Depends on’ Dropdown.
  2.  The Dropdown list includes all the fields you created in the designer
  3. Multiple fields can be selected from the ‘Depends on’ dropdown.

Log in to the End-User App & you will find the value you select in one field affects the list of values in the Dependent field.