How CX brings value to your customers & the bottom line?

Customer Experience Hangout Series | Ideas to Implementation

We are happy to host this hangout series to provide an introduction and an appreciation for customer experience (CX), and the value it can bring to your customers as well as the bottom line. We also discuss some of the challenges that marketing, customer service and IT teams face working together on CX initiatives. We also briefly touch upon the CX-oriented enterprise architecture and integration strategy for such initiatives.

Ephlux and Storyminers join hands and here’s why?

Ephlux and Storyminers have joined hands to help enterprises transform their customer experience from ideas to implementation. Together, we bring a unique offering where we not only help you design your customer experience using tools like ‘human prototyping’ and ‘customer journey mapping’ but go all the way to implement them by making your on-prem ERPs co-exist with enterprise CX cloud apps, mobile, social, LBS and in-store technologies orchestrated together through SOA and integration middleware.

We would love to hear your feedback on the hangout and also some of the challenges that you’re facing on your CX initiatives with strategy, design and technology and most importantly in trying to connect the dots to make all of them work together with a ‘customer-first’ approach.

If you would like to join this discussion, feel free to set up a time:

What’s Next?

In this hangout series, next we’ll take a deeper dive into the CX oriented enterprise architecture that ties together your on-prem ERP, enterprise cloud apps, mobile apps, social channels and in-store touchpoints through a robust SOA-based middleware strategy – stay tuned!

About Mike Wittenstein
Mike has been helping companies solve problems for over 20 years starting with the customers’ experience. His work in customer experience design and service design has taken him to more than 25 countries and impacted over 400 companies–with over $1.5 billion in measurable results. Working with companies like IBM, founding his own company and consulting with organizations of all sizes around the world, he has nearly perfected the art of great customer experience design.
Mike works at the intersection of CX (customer experience) and tech. He helps leadership teams around the world navigate big changes around their brands, experiences, services, and business models. Where most companies take a “balance sheet” approach to problem resolution, it is the human element that ultimately moves the needle. Mike helps his clients tune their customer touch points so that they resonate with customers and employees, while making the business more efficient, profitable, and comfortable to work in at the same time. He knows how to present ideas so that marketing/branding, operations, finance, and technology can get–and stay–on the same page.
In addition to speaking, Mike is a practicing consultant counting more than 300 presentations and workshops delivered around the world. Extensive study and work abroad has made him especially gifted at customizing topics, explanations, and stories to be culturally relevant for his clients and audiences.
Mike makes his home now in Atlanta where his company, Storyminers, is headquartered.
Get more information at

About M. Ali Nasim
Ali has around 14 years of experience, spanning areas of strategic technology management, product and business development for the US, UK, Middle East and South Asia across telecom, hospitality, healthcare and other verticals.
At Ephlux, Ali is currently focused on CX (Customer Experience) platforms and consulting, SOA, enterprise mobility, digital marketing and integration of ERPs, CRMs and EMRs with customer-centric mobile, social, e-commerce, in-venue and other digital touch-points.
Ali and his company Ephlux has worked on customer experience, integration and mobility projects for large enterprises and start-ups alike, including PHILIPS, Disney, Gibson Guitars, Johnson & Johnson, IKEA and many more.
Ali can be reached out on his twitter handle @m_ali_nasim and on his email at

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Learn how Ephlux and Oracle are together helping enterprises provide engaging customer experiences at all touchpoints, expand customer base, reduce churn, and monetize customer relationships—increasing customer spend and brand’s customer-centricity.