Hiring the Right Marketer

Every recruiter wants to hire the smartest person for the vacant position as companies cannot afford to make blunders in this rapidly changing environment.Best Hiring
Since marketing is considered an important division for promoting company’s services and building and managing customer relationship, therefore somebody having thorough comprehension of marketing functions is required.
These days, online marketing is more effective and is gaining better results as compared to conventional marketing methods. Therefore, marketers ought to be technology savvy with proficiency in communication and interpersonal skills. Besides, thorough knowledge of company’s services, customer’s need and cultural differences are required as well..
On the other hand, few attributes like introversion, tentativeness etc shouldn’t be in a candidate applying for such a position and any such traits must be spotted during the initial screening phase for selecting the right person particularly for this division.
Would like to know, if you were the hiring manager, which traits would you consider in a marketing resource before finalizing any candidate, taking into account today’s rapidly changing needs and environment?

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