Has HTML5 come to the rescue?

HTML has been giving us a great web experience since the 90s – enabling and simplifying coding and displaying and delivering content on the internet. Today, it has evolved into a markup language that provides not just great but awesome customer experience. Meet HTML5, your friendly neighborhood browser – answering your ever growing expectations, happily!
HTML5 is nothing short of amazing with its cross platform features – working on the web and mobile like a charm. Because today users expect to watch audios and videos on their browsers and also run those browsers on the go, HTML5 is the leap up from its predecessor (HTML4) that was necessary. Users are oblivion to the fact what’s working at the back-end, but they’re able to shop, read the news, share photos and search for information on any device at any time. Being responsive is in demand.
With the HTML5, developers can pull up responsive design techniques that allow the websites and applications to perfectly fit the user’s screen, which can be a PC, Laptop, Tablet or a Smartphone. HTML5’s design and storage capabilities are here to give developers a peace of mind, as building web applications has modernized. When everything is about NOW, HTML5’s client-side storage features allows the developers to inject real-time data onto devices making interactive content a possibility even when the network connections are down.
A platform- independent means of developing highly responsive, browser-based content to match the modern demand of users, HTML5 has the uncanny ability to be written once and be used on many platforms as is. Like I said before, it’s an answer to the growing expectations of the users and also a relief to the developers who’s constantly tweaking. The only major concern that rises because of its multi-platform nature is the security.
Finally, the HTML5 has been standardized and is a full and final specification now! Overall, with new and improved APIs and error handling and responsive features, the HTML5 is definitely the hero this season.