Ephlux implements Oracle Service Cloud and customized mobile experience for Goodwill Southern California



Ephlux implemented Oracle Service Cloud and customized mobile experience to facilitate Goodwill Southern California to take better care of their employees’ needs and also to manage the facilities and logistics operations in a streamlined fashion.

Goodwill Southern California operates over 80 stores, 46 attended donation centers, three campuses, five Career Resource Centers and three WorkSource Centers throughout Los Angeles (north of Rosecrans Ave.), Riverside and San Bernardino counties.


Goodwill Southern California needed a unique solution that can help them solve various problems of their different departments having varying needs and constraints. The management of Goodwill Southern California wanted to achieve the following objectives from a unified, multi-purpose solution:

Centralized Employee Portal

Provide a centralized employees portal to take better care of their employees’ needs. The portal, driven by meticulously curated knowledge contents, will allow the Goodwill Southern California employees to raise their needs from IT and facilities departments and keep a track of their interactions with the respective departments.

Tickets Lifecycle

The tickets lifecycle at Goodwill Southern California involved various hops and manual approval processes and the incoming system should cater those needs.

Facilities Management for 200+ Locations

The facilities department, operating from three main geographies, needed a platform where they can better manage their field staff and technicians to ensure all the 200+ locations of Goodwill across Southern California are better taken care of. They also wanted to see a more comprehensive view of the needs of new and existing employees that fall under the facilities umbrella.

Preventive Maintenance for Facilities & IT Departments

The facilities department also needed a preventive maintenance solution to schedule maintenance activities on a planned schedule at various locations that operate under Goodwill Southern California. The IT department had requirements similar to facilities.

Asset Management

The management needed an asset management system to track all the IT assets using barcodes to identify the asset and assess the maintenance history, chain of custody and lifetime events of all the assets in the organization.

Field Mobile Application

The field technicians from the facilities and IT departments needed a mobile application to work on the assigned tickets on the go. The mobile application should be able to scan asset barcodes and provide asset’s maintenance history, chain of custody and other information to the technicians so that they can better perform their operations.

Logistics Dashboard & Ticketing

The Logistics department wanted to have a dashboard and ticketing solution to plan for all the inventory trafficking needs of the retail stores. Their operations also included post delivery trash cleanups as well.

Integration with existing HR and Directory system

A unified business process, integrated with their existing HR and Directory systems was needed to facilitate the onboarding of new employees by automatically opening role specific tickets in IT and facilities departments.


In addition to this, the desired system operates as a single macro system across the organization to provide a single point of information and reports to bridge the gaps between various departments involved in the system.


Ephlux rose up to the challenge by offering a unique implementation of Oracle Service Cloud to address all of the requirements of Goodwill Southern California. The resulting solution, comprising of the following:

Agent Desktop

Oracle Service Cloud agent desktop solution for the ticketing needs of the IT, facilities and logistics departments along with their corresponding business objectives and requirements incorporated.

Custom Objects for Asset Tracking platform

Oracle Service Cloud custom objects for Asset tracking platform to track all the hundred thousand plus IT and facilities assets in use at 200+ locations of Goodwill Southern California.

External Approval Mechanism

An external approval mechanism on top of Oracle Service Cloud’s standard incident management process to achieve business requirements while saving license costs for approver users from various departments.

Mobile Application

A unique mobile application was provided, working on top of standard and custom objects created in Oracle Service Cloud to facilitate on-the-go IT and facilities field technicians to perform their day to day jobs more effectively, with right information at their fingertips.

Employee Portal

Oracle Service Cloud customer portal modified to be used as the employee ticketing portal to cater varying needs of different types of users employed in Goodwill Southern California. The portal, by design was set up to promote the self service activities by providing various knowledge articles and guided assistance to improve the overall service experience of the employees.

Integrations with Azure Active Directory

The process was even simplified by leveraging the existing Azure Active Directory as SSO provider to keep the users from remembering yet another set of username/password combinations. In case of self service not providing enough information, employees can open and track their tickets with IT, facilities and logistics departments to get the most out of the system.

Enterprise Integrations with HRIS, Dayforce & Dell Boomi 

To cater the huge employee turnover situation at Goodwill, an HRIS/Dayforce-Dell Boomi-Oracle Service cloud based enterprise wide process was implemented to ensure that all the systems are always up to date in case of old employees leaving and new employees are welcomed into the organization. The same process also helps in orchestrating employee onboarding needs that are to be fulfilled by various internal departments.


The resulting solution provided a single unified platform to cater all the existing and future needs of Goodwill Southern California to provide best in case employee’s needs management solution along with an enterprise wide unified platform to act as common source of truth of all the human and material resources in operation at 200+ locations of Goodwill Southern California.

Functional Overview

  • Customer Portal branding
  • On the go field service solution
  • Unified ticketing CRM for internal employees working in different departments under different operating mechanisms
  • External approval mechanism
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Enterprise wide asset tracking
  • Unified platform for all the employees related data
  • Employees on-boarding process
  • Unified reporting

Technical Overview

  • Oracle Service Cloud agent desktop implementation
  • Oracle Service Cloud customer portal implementation and customized widgets
  • Oracle Service Cloud custom process implementation
  • Customized mobile application for iOS leveraging standard and custom objects in Oracle Service Cloud environment
  • Customized preventative maintenance solution on top of standard and custom objects in the Oracle Service Cloud environment.
  • Azure Active Directory-based SSO for employees’ portal
  • Integration with Dayforce/HRIS system using Dell Boomi platform
  • Custom REST API endpoints
  • Bootstrap-based theme implementation

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