How to give a Winning Job Interview

job-interviewKnowing your resume is the key to a successful job interview.
An interview is the most important stage in order to get the job one desires. It is vital to avail opportunities that come your way as they will not knock one’s doorstep every time. In order to give an effective job interview, following are the guidelines mentioned.
•Be yourself
The first thing for a candidate is to be the person he genuinely is. It is not advisable to pretend to be a person which is not a true reflection of his personality. One has to be careful as he is under the scrutiny of the interviewer all the time, and few unexpected questions can show who he actually is.
•Be confident
Confidence is the key to success. After mentioning all the essential information in the resume, a candidate should be confident enough to describe it verbally. Body language is one way to explore whether the candidate is confident or not. Besides this, always answer questions in a confident voice. For this, preparation can help an individual to a great extent.
•Be honest
It is always advisable not to exaggerate one’s knowledge, skills, abilities and achievements. An interviewer will always appreciate candidates’ honesty and it will show his integrity, as it is said,  “when we speak the truth, we do not have to remember anything.”
•Let the interviewer lead
Always let the interviewer start with the discussion as it is imprudent and beyond etiquette to interrupt the speaker or giving one’s opinion and suggestions when not asked. Let the interviewer finish with his questions first and then give your say.
•Maintain eye contact
Maintaining eye contact is a crucial part of any discussion. When there is more than one interviewer then try and share eye contact with every person conducting the interview. It will suggest that the candidate is confident and whatever information he is giving is precise.
•Be a good listener
Be attentive and take interest in what the interviewer is saying, don’t let your mind wander around certain distractions. Ones’ presence of mind will help in grasping the discussion easily and will enable you to give your valid opinion when it is required; another advantage is that the interviewer will not have to repeat the questions again and again.
•Be punctual
Never be late for an interview. Always plan your time and try to reach the destination 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled time as it will take a few minutes to compose yourself. Good companies always start their interviews at the scheduled time.
•Do your own research
Gathering some information in advance about the Company is an advisable thing to do. This can be done through visiting the company’s website(s) and will help one understand their business and culture. Doing some research is always better than going without any information.
•Never ask Questions in advance
Always let the interviewer complete the discussion, and then ask questions relating to the topic or the company itself. It is not appreciable to ask questions in advance or before the interviewer has ended his questions, as it will be perceived as an interruption.
•The interviewer is human
Develop natural rapport with the interviewer and consider him as a person, just like we all are. Nervousness is a natural phenomenon which can act as a motivating force if utilized properly. It depends on the individuals and how they handle it; try to reduce the level of nervousness by preparing and knowing your resume well.
•Proper attire
Dress properly according to the occasion, casual dressing might not impress the interviewer. Choose the clothes which you are comfortable with.
•Be specific
Keep your answers short but conversant enough to express one’s thoughts. Once the answer is delivered, avoid doing unnecessary talking unless asked. When an interviewer asks questions, never say that it is already mentioned in the resume, as they want to spot how well you describe yourself.
If all the above mentioned guidelines are followed then most likely a job candidate will be able to succeed in the interview, thus enabling one to perform even better in the next opportunity.

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