Formula Fields and Expression Builder

This feature allows a field to show a value based on some pre-assigned expression (defined in the designer app) coupled with the value in any other  relevant field.  

For Example, if you have 2 fields in the End-User App; the first one being the quantity sold and the second one being the total amount. 

What you can do is : automatically fill the ‘Amount’ field by multiplying the value in the ‘Quantity’ field with the price per unit expressed in the Expression Builder. 

You can even express a sophisticated arithmetic expression to take into account different price per unit depending on the Quantity slab. 

You can even select two or more different fields on both side of the operand in the Expression Builder.

Using multiple operands in the expression is also allowed from the dropdown in the Expression Builder. 

Remember ! the Expression Builder is only relevant when you use it with the ‘Depends On’ functionality. 

This Swift functionality can be used in the Entry Forms, Orchestration Forms, Custom Entry Forms and currently available in the ‘Number Input’ field in the Designer.