Facebook Timeline for Boom in Business

The New Facebook Timeline has been enabled on all the profiles. In general, the purpose of Facebook in social media is that it’s a tool for communication but specifically for business it’s a two way communication between a brand and customers.
The new interactive and appealing interface of Facebook can be a great tool for promoting business, brand or organization. It’s aesthetically pleasing page is a new way of attracting customers towards a product of a brand in a more personal way.
How to use Timeline to connect to customers?

  • The most exciting feature of Timeline is the cover photo. Business should use it as an opportunity to keep a powerful, eye-catching and captivating branding image on the top of the profile page. If a business has a budget then a graphic designer can be hired to design unique cover photos for branding their business. This image can be changed daily, weekly or on the launch of any new product or service for the people to visit and like your page and be aware of that brand’s recent business activity.
  •  Business can pin their specific posts, making it bigger and more noticeable on the page to grab customer’s attention. A new post can be pinned weekly so people can notice what’s very important on the page at that time.
  •  The history of a business will now have a Timeline. Customers can easily explore all previous and current business’s activities with the Timeline feature on the left. This will benefit business in gaining customers trust and interest by viewing complete history of business in few clicks.

Facebook Timeline is now acting more like a website by offering more control over the look and feel of the content. This improved feature leads businesses to get better results.
The possibilities for the boom in business through Facebook Timeline are endless, so start thinking of what you want people and your customers to see when they visit your business page.

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