Facebook Social Networking v/s Facebook Applications

Facebook has become the ultimate database of relationships and since networking is the key to getting anywhere in life, it can serve to be very helpful. At present Facebook addiction is getting intense day by day,the psychologists have introduced the diagnosis named FAD i.e. Facebook Addiction Disorder.Although this can be a little controversial to find out the the substancial cause of this addiction that whether it is due to Social Networking which is engaging more than 70 million daily users who spend on average of 55 minutes per day on Facebook or is due to more than 350,000 active Facebook Applications.Facebook Social Networking  v/s  Facebook Applications…
However using Facebook application can surely serve a great time pass and mind relaxer that an individual look for in his busy schedule.
According to the research every month , more than 70% of all Facebook users engage in platform Application with more than 250 applications have approximate 1 million users. For this reason, Facebook has seen its first drop in vistors in last year which was mostly due to the application spam within the site.
As a user how do you prefer using Facebook, for Social Network purpose or more of a Facebook Application user????
Please share your views.


  • Primarily I use FB for socializing with my friends. Personally, I dont click on on any applications. As you said correctly, the problem with most of these applications is spam, Also, i dont want to grant access of my personal info to these third party application owners.

  • Aiman, I agree with Irune on this. Apps which are unwanted eat all your wall space and even your concentration. Some could be good like a reminder or for sharing stuff but most actually are not required by everyone. Only like minded people are happy sharing the app. Most apps are good and are a good source of keeping yourself occupied in them- though.

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