Facebook & Apple varying stance on Face Recognition

facebook-appleJust when Google Plus starting to pose a small threat in the world of Social Networking wasn’t enough, another little glich emerged for Facebook taking user’s privacy concern in focus.

That’s right! These days, Facebook is taking precautionary steps for its users by giving them flexibility over Face Recognition in Photo Albums.

This action has been witnessed all over US from early July when Social Network giant started its tutorial ads teaching Facebookers how to keep the face recognition feature Tag Suggestion on or off through the privacy settings.

Before that, this feature was on by default which aids in giving users suggestions on which friend name they should tag in a group photo and so on.
However, Facebook had to give out these precautionary tutorial ads on the concerned voice of Connecticut Attorney General George Jespen who seemed not in favor of using automated facial recognition technology without the consent of the user.
This may not be a great deal for Facebook to worry about for long but the intervention of the State jurisdiction over a feature that helps in collection facial recognition data may fume up the privacy issues Facebook’s having for a while.
The fixing game continues.
On the contrast, Apple plans to add the slick feature of Face Recognition capability in its new iOS 5 smartphone/tablet platform.
Polar Rose, a Swedish face recognition company which Apple acquired last year, is providing the technology to support this feature although its functionality is yet to be known.
However, Apple has plans to get the developers on this task through several API controls and pretty soon; the Face Recognition will be visible eminently in iOS 5 platform adding another reason why iPhone smartphones should be the consumer’s prime choice in the Smartphones market.

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