Ephlux valued customer Stray Boots, a New York-based startup raises $2M to expand its mobile reach.

Stray Boots, a New York-based start-up that launched in 2009 with Ephlux as its core development partner raises $2M to expand its mobile reach.

Stray Boots in Limelight

Stray Boots, a New York-based startup that got its start delivering guided tour scavenger hunt games to tourists and city dwellers around the world via SMS, and which recently made the move to mobile apps, today announced a new $2 million Series A funding round, led by Milestone Venture Partners and including Correlation Ventures, Great Oaks and a number of angel investors. The company, launched in 2009, hopes to use the money to bring on additional staff to help it build out its fledgling suite of mobile applications, add additional social features, and expand its U.S. reach in the coming months.
Location-based gaming is not a novel concept, and in fact has origins in the practice of geocaching, whereby people seed cities and other locations with treasure troves or caches and then share their approximate location with others via the web and mobile apps. One of the goals of geocaching to folks out exploring and engaging with their local community, and that’s part of what Stray Boots wants to accomplish, too. CEO Avi Millman told me that while tourism is definitely part of his company’s business, groups of locals are equally important, too.
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