Ephlux builds an “One for All & All for One” transcription solution.

A US based transcription company DictaSmart partners with Ephlux to build a “One for All & All for One” transcription solution.


Although there were a lot of off the shelf solutions available for transcription and dictations but there were limitations which client has faced that needed to be addressed; such as incompatible data formats, heavy costs involvement when making a long dictation call on a toll free number, their own private numbers of their choices, connection breakdowns etc.
The client required a one step solution for their users where they could record, save and receive/retrieve their files while saving time, cutting cost but most importantly all that in a secure and flexible environment.


Our business analyst was deployed on this solution and initiated the process by studying various transcription/dictation software already available to understand the different flows and then discussed the difficulties and issues faced with professionals already using these solutions. They studied the distinct transcription requirements across the industries as well so that the system was extensible and flexible enough to cater all the different client’s requirements of DictaSmart.
The system was designed keeping in mind the limitation of time these professionals wanted to put in, usage flexibility, economic concerns and the simplicity of flow required.
Dictasmart.com provided a common platform for busy professionals from any industry to record their dictation through a simple phone call. The user once registered, can purchase the DictaSmart minutes and were given the ease of dialling a local and a toll free number as well. This saved the charges for both professionals/dictators and Authors.
One very flexible feature that Dictasmart provided was the concept of roll over minutes, saving the unused minutes purchased by a user and forwarding it to the next following month so that the user has nothing to lose even if he uses the system not so often.
Dictasmart was specifically designed keeping in mind that the normal users might not be too technical, so to assist further the phone call drives the caller step by step through the process.
The solution provides the users a very interactive editing panel for their dictation before saving the files.
The users were also provided with different dictation plans according to their distinct needs.
Furthermore the users were provided with their private and secure FTP locations to retrieve their data online. The transcribed files were delivered almost instantly to any FTP account or email address over a much secured connection.
The solution was tested vigorously and proved to be reliable and flexible according to the client’s needs. Ephlux provided complete support for the system. The system users easily adjusted to the environment and were very relaxed and satisfied from the solution.
The client DictaSmart now considers Ephlux as their trusted technology partner and advisor.

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