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Meet Ephlux Swift at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Ephlux Swift at OCW at The Venetian in Las Vegas

Join us at Oracle CloudWorld 2023, held in the luxurious setting of The Venetian in vibrant Las Vegas. This premier event offers you the chance to explore the latest advancements in technology and forward-thinking solutions, and we’re excited to introduce you to Ephlux Swift, a transformative partner within the Oracle Cloud ecosystem.

Ephlux Swift is at the forefront of leveraging Oracle Cloud’s powerful capabilities to transform businesses and drive digital innovation. Engage with Swift experts at our partner booths to explore how it can benefit your organization in the digital era.


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Swift for Oracle Fusion Cloud

You’re about to experience the game-changing app automation platform where you can create highly functional and user-friendly, mobile, scanner, web and Generative AI apps and add-ons integrated with Oracle Fusion ERP, SCM, CX, IoT and EPM applications and 3rd party apps and databases. 

  • Explore the pre-built Swift Fusion app add-ons and customize them
  • Create your own Fusions app add-ons from scratch
  • Build and roll-out iPhone, Android, Scanner, Web and Generative AI apps & add-ons

What to look forward to at JD Edwards INFOCUS this year?

  • Learning Objective 1: How you can Leverage the automation, optimization and transformation of JD Edwards Release 23 and Orchestrator
  • Learning Objective 2: Combine the power and simplicity of low code, no code app automation of Swift with AIS, Orchestrator and Release 23
  • Learning Objective 3: Eliminate manual tasks, improve customer experience, agility and take advantage of the combination of this amazing digital toolset.
  • Learning Objective 4: Learn JD Edwards Mobile Strategy by using the Orchestrator. 

Find Ephlux's Booth # 715 at Blueprint 4D

Blueprint 4D Event Highlights

Blueprint 4D - Day 1

First day here at Blueprint 4D and what we’ve witnessed was yet another unexpected wave of demo’s covering a range of customers and potential partners! 

If you missed your chance or got caught in between one of our demo’s, feel more than free to stop by any other time this week as we’ve still got a few more days to go!

Blueprint 4D - Day 2

The second day at Blueprint4D has come to a close.

We experienced back-to-back customer demonstrations, and their level of interest was exceptionally high.

Based on our previous experience in Vegas, we expected a significant number of visitors at our booth. However, what actually happened exceeded all our expectations.

The response we received has filled us with immense joy, and we feel both overwhelmed and humbled by it. It is always advantageous when our current customers bring others to demonstrate the success they have achieved.

Blueprint 4D - Day 3

What a wonderful end to Blueprint 4D with customers fully resonating with the value proposition of Swift JDE low code/no code mobility and app automation platform. We had a total of 36 demos (15 min each on avg) with some of the top JDE customers. We now have an army of customers and partners ready to embrace Swift.

Locate the Swift flag to find our booth at K1 and get a chance to WIN iPad mini or Apple Watch

Get a chance to win iPad mini with Swift JDE apps installed or Apple Watch at Blueprint 4D in MGM Grand. Locate the Swift flag on the exhibition floor to reach Ephlux booth K-1

MGM Grand Las Vegas Map 2

Locate our Swift flag or follow this map to find our booth at 715


Event Details

Sep 18 - Sep 21, 2023
Partner Booths

Featured Session

How Yamana Gold Created their Mobile PO Approval App using Swift - Low Code / No Code and Orchestrator


Presented by: M. Ali Nasim

Learn how Yamana Gold leveraged the use of
Swift’s – low code / no code app automation platform and Orchestrator to create their Mobile PO Approval application in a matter of days,

helping them achieve:

1. Efficiency – Up to 25% faster approvals due to Mobility

2. Customer Satisfaction – Up to 25% increase in Customer Satisfaction Score.

3. Multilingual support – Coverage of 5 languages on the platform

Attend Blueprint 4D session “Orchestrating Mobile Applications” presented by Ervin Rhodes, Oracle & and customer success story by James Horvath – Plano Synergy using Ephlux Swift and Orchestrator for launching mobile applications

Orchestrating Mobile Apps

JD Edwards has invested heavily in the Orchestrator as a way to connect external applications and interfaces with JDE business data and logic. Mobile application interfaces are a great use case for this model. 

Customers and partners can now leverage their front-end development tool of choice, such as Ephlux Swift to create a mobile user interface that connects to JD Edwards business data and logic through orchestrations. 

Come join us for a panel discussion featuring JD Edwards partners and customers sharing their real-life experiences of creating mobile applications.

June 9th, 2022 - 10:15 am PST
Session: 108140
MGM Grand, Las Vegas
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JD Edwards Mobile Strategy
by Ervin Rhodes, Product Manager – Oracle

By combining Ephlux Swift with the JD Edwards Orchestrator, organizations can create custom mobile apps that leverage the power of JD Edwards. These apps can be used for a variety of purposes, including scanning barcodes, capturing data, and performing transactions. They can be deployed on both iOS and Android devices, providing employees with access to critical business data on the go.

Overall, the Oracle JD Edwards Mobile Strategy of using low-code/no-code tools like Ephlux Swift with the Orchestrator provides organizations with an efficient way to automate, digitize, and mobilize JD Edwards functionality. By creating custom mobile apps, organizations can improve productivity, reduce errors, and provide employees with access to critical data from anywhere, at any time

Related Insights about Swift Partners

Exploring iSP3 Journey and Partnership with Ephlux by William Liu Co-Founder and Senior Partner 

Listen to William Liu, Co-founder and Senior Partner of iSP3, as he explains how iSP3 became a partner with Ephlux Swift and highlights the key factors that led to this partnership.

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Unlocking No-Code’s True Potential with Swift by Matt Batchler Senior Partner – Main Street APPs

Unlocking No-Code Excellence with Swift. According to no-code advocate Matt Batchler, Swift shines with its transparent, user-friendly approach. No hidden constraints, just smooth solution building. Cut through the noise and embrace Swift for true no-code success.

The Significance of Swift App Automation for Enterprises by Santosh Borse VP-Sales for Oracle Practice – LTIMindtree

Santosh Borse highlights the need for smooth business IT integration. Business users seek user-friendly processes, while IT manages the technical aspects. Swift bridges this gap effectively.

Swift, integrated with JD Edwards, helps IT teams meet user demands for modern, automated experiences. Forward-thinking CIOs are adopting platforms like Ephlux Swift ERP to enhance user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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The Significance of Swift App Automation for Enterprises by Edgardo Fuentes CEO – Inn Tegra Consulting 

Listen to Edgardo Fuentes, CEO of Inn tegra Consulting, how Mexican and Latin American JD Edwards users are benefiting from Swift’s game-changing app automation?

What is Swift?

Swift is a low-code, no-code JD Edwards app automation platform that enables any JD Edwards Business Users / Analyst to create highly functional and user-friendly mobile, tablet, scanners, and web apps that are automatically integrated with JD Edwards and 3rd party apps and databases without writing a single line of code. Swift is fully integrated with the Orchestrator and provides the perfect combination of app automation with Orchestrator’s business process automation.

Swift is for JDE app automation , what Orchestrator is for JDE process automation.

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Sign up for Swift Start and get a fully functional Swift instance, pre-integrated with a JD Edwards demo instance. You can explore the pre-built apps available on Swift App Store, customize them or create your own from scratch and share them with your peers.

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Join us for the Online Training and learn to design, build, deploy and launch mobile and web apps in a matter of minutes, and how they are automatically integrated with JDE applications, orchestrations and databases without the need to write a single line of code.

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Swift Certified Consultants are responsible for designing, developing, launching, extending and managing Swift applications. Join some of the most innovative and reputed JDE professionals in the industry by getting your Swift functional or admin certifications.