Ephlux proves to be the smart choice for a UK based blinds retailer!

When a UK based Blinds retailer wanted a new ecommerce platform with a custom pricing component for made to measure blinds integrated with their existing website, Ephlux provided the smart solution!



When Sunnyday Blinds Ltd, a known name in the UK which specializes in designing and retailing off-the-shelf as well custom blinds wanted a new ecommerce platform with a custom-pricing component for made-to-measure blinds integrated with their existing website, Ephlux provided the smart solution!
Ephlux came up with a solid ecommerce solution that catered to their immediate requirements and was robust and scalable enough to provide future business growth.
The custom-pricing component for the made-to-measure blinds helped the retailer in providing enhanced customization and control to their end-customers.


The main challenge faced by Ephlux was the requirement to design and develop an ecommerce solution that could support their existing system, while equally supporting the site to be upgraded and developed.
The existing website had to be upgraded to fulfill the client’s requirement and integrated with the new ecommerce platform.
Furthermore, Ephlux was required to build a new ecommerce store that would let the client offer custom-pricing and customization for made- to-measure blinds in addition to the regular offers.
The requirement of fulfilling the needs of both the business models simultaneously by developing a single one-stop solution was a challenge that Ephlux took up with conviction.
In addition to these requirements, a safe application upgrade implied that Ephlux had to provide a reliable strategy for data migration, confirming that all the pre-existing data would remain intact and would be mapped accurately during the upgrade.


A detailed analysis was performed to study the existing application, the transformations required, new requirements, known and probable constraints; Ephlux started to design the architecture for the custom-pricing component and the new ecommerce platform.
Once the front-end design was completed via a continual response cycle with the client, Ephlux started the development of the ecommerce component while upgrading the existing application.
The client was kept onboard through a continuous feedback/reporting mechanism, ensuring a successful upgrade and real time functionality validation.
As the upgrade completed, Ephlux had already started the development of the new customized application, while continually testing the integration of the ecommerce component with the existing modules.
The solution was rigorously tested not only to validate and verify the requirements but also to ensure that the upgrade and data mapping was successful.
Given the nature of the project, there was a strong need of going back-and-forth to validate, firm-up and implement the requirements in an iterative cycle to ensure thorough customer feedback. Ephlux ensured that the feedback was incorporated on an ongoing basis till the final solution went live!
Ephlux now enjoys a long-term relationship with the client who has confidently recommended Ephlux to several other companies.
If you wish to upgrade your prevalent application(s) and extend their functionality ‘smartly’, then you can rely on Ephlux for your Application modernization and migration needs.

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