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Ephlux exhibits at Blueprint 4D 2024 in Hilton Anatole - Dallas, Texas

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Meet Ephlux at Blueprint 4D 2024!

Meet Ephlux Swift in-person from May 7 – May 10, 2024 at Blueprint 4D Hilton Anatole in Dallas Texas at
booth # 804!

Join us for enlightening sessions where our esteemed customers will share their experiences with Ephlux, Swift – JDE low-code, no-code mobility, and our app automation platform.

What did we cover at Blueprint 4D this year?

  • Customer Success Stories: Join us to delve into captivating customer success stories featuring Swift Mobile and Scanner Apps, Web Portal with Orchestrator and AIS integration.
  • Leverage the power and simplicity of Swift: Combine the power and simplicity of low code, no code app automation of Swift with AIS, Orchestrator and Release 24
  • Actionable Insights: Uncover actionable insights, empowering you to transform JDE Orchestrations and Forms into intuitive, efficient mobile, scanner, and web applications and portals, seamlessly integrated with JDE.
  • Swift Appathons: Participate in Swift Appathons where customers, partners and consultants will build their own Swift mobile, scanner and web apps and portals on our booth 804.


Where Our Ephlux / Swift Booth # 804 was at in Blueprint 4D 2024!

Blueprint 4D 2024 - Event Highlights

Blueprint 4D - Session 1

The opening day of Blueprint 4D 2024 was marked by a flurry of dynamic Swift Innovation Sessions, showcasing a diverse array of customers and potential partners, sparking enthusiasm throughout the event!

During this vibrant atmosphere, an exciting announcement stole the spotlight: Ephlux / Swift proudly unveiled its latest collaboration with GSI! 

This partnership with one of North America’s foremost industry leaders heralds a new era in ERP innovation. With the introduction of Swift, our revolutionary ERP app automation technology, we are poised to empower enterprise customers like never before.

Teaming up with GSI, renowned for its Oracle Platinum Partner status and extensive ERP consulting prowess, we are poised to bring Swift, our user-friendly no-code platform, to market. Together, we will provide a comprehensive suite of apps and solutions aimed at streamlining operations and driving success in today’s dynamic market.

Blueprint 4D - Session 2

As day two drew to a close at Blueprint4D 2024, the excitement was undeniable! Our booth buzzed with continuous customer demos, and the level of interest exceeded all expectations.

While we expected a robust turnout, drawing from our previous experiences in Dallas, Texas, the actual turnout surpassed even our most optimistic projections.

The sheer enthusiasm of the attendees left us overjoyed and deeply grateful. There’s a unique satisfaction in witnessing our current customers proudly displaying their success and inviting others to join the community!

Blueprint 4D - Session 3

What an exciting way to wrap up Blueprint 4D! The connection between our customers and the Swift JDE low code/no code mobility and app automation platform was truly remarkable.

Through over 25 engaging demos, each lasting about 20-25 minutes, we formed strong connections with some of the most influential JDE customers. With this overwhelming support, we are ready with a solid alliance of customers and partners eager to embrace Swift into their operations this year!

Locate the Swift flag to find our booth at K1 and get a chance to WIN iPad mini or Apple Watch

Get a chance to win iPad mini with Swift JDE apps installed or Apple Watch at Blueprint 4D in MGM Grand. Locate the Swift flag on the exhibition floor to reach Ephlux booth K-1

MGM Grand Las Vegas Map 2

Locate our Swift flag or follow this map to find our booth at 715


Event Details

May 7th - May 10th, 2024
Booth # 804
Hilton Anatole - Dallas, Texas

Our Previous Featured Session

How the world's largest flight catering operation - that serves more than 100 airlines - launched 7 warehouse mobility apps within a week?

Learn how EKFC leveraged Swift’s no code app automation platform and Orchestrator/AIS to launch their warehouse management mobile apps achieving:

Mobility: Mobility in EKFC’s apps for receiving orders, approving quotes, signing off on purchases, and keeping track of inventory process replacing the conventional way of logging into JDE terminals

Agility: A remarkable reduction in time-to-market for app launches

Device Agnostic Flexibility: Fully compatible across iPhone, Android, Honeywell, Zebra, tablet, and web

Visibility: Real-time visibility enables informed decision-making and proactive management of resources

Efficiency: A significant increase in overall operational efficiency

Attend Blueprint 4D session “Orchestrating Mobile Applications” presented by Ervin Rhodes, Oracle & and customer success story by James Horvath – Plano Synergy using Ephlux Swift and Orchestrator for launching mobile applications

Orchestrating Mobile Apps

JD Edwards has invested heavily in the Orchestrator as a way to connect external applications and interfaces with JDE business data and logic. Mobile application interfaces are a great use case for this model. 

Customers and partners can now leverage their front-end development tool of choice, such as Ephlux Swift to create a mobile user interface that connects to JD Edwards business data and logic through orchestrations. 

Come join us for a panel discussion featuring JD Edwards partners and customers sharing their real-life experiences of creating mobile applications.

June 9th, 2022 - 10:15 am PST
Session: 108140
MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Related insights

JD Edwards Mobile & Low-Code/No-Code Strategy
by A.J. Schifano, Product Manager – Oracle

By using a low-code/no-code framework like Ephlux Swift with the JD Edwards and Orchestrator, organizations can create custom mobile apps that leverage the power of JD Edwards.

These apps can be used for a variety of purposes, including scanning barcodes, capturing data, and performing transactions and can be deployed on both iOS, Android, Honeywell/Zebra devices or desktops.

Why low-code/no-code strategy is so important today is because Business Analysts need to be empowered with the tools to be able to build these applications on their own drastically reducing the software development cycle. This is why Ephlux Swift framework is so important.

JD Edwards Mobile Strategy
by Ervin Rhodes, Product Manager – Oracle

By combining Ephlux Swift with the JD Edwards Orchestrator, organizations can create custom mobile apps that leverage the power of JD Edwards. These apps can be used for a variety of purposes, including scanning barcodes, capturing data, and performing transactions. They can be deployed on both iOS and Android devices, providing employees with access to critical business data on the go.

Overall, the Oracle JD Edwards Mobile Strategy of using low-code/no-code tools like Ephlux Swift with the Orchestrator provides organizations with an efficient way to automate, digitize, and mobilize JD Edwards functionality. By creating custom mobile apps, organizations can improve productivity, reduce errors, and provide employees with access to critical data from anywhere, at any time

Check out the advantage of Mobility Solution by James Horvath Senior Director IT – Plano Synergy

Listen to James Horvath, Senior Director, IT for Plano Synergy how they utilize Ephlux Swift with JD Edwards Orchestrator to launch multiple mobile apps across various functions.

What is Swift?

Swift is a low-code, no-code JD Edwards app automation platform that enables any JD Edwards Business Users / Analyst to create highly functional and user-friendly mobile, tablet, scanners, and web apps that are automatically integrated with JD Edwards and 3rd party apps and databases without writing a single line of code. Swift is fully integrated with the Orchestrator and provides the perfect combination of app automation with Orchestrator’s business process automation.

Swift is for JDE app automation , what Orchestrator is for JDE process automation.

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