Ephlux helps a company in California relive the spirit of community services.

Ephlux provided a win-win solution by providing a centralized platform where merchants and charitable organizations met and worked for the community together. The solution involved donations by merchants who got supported on the site by the organizations in turn!


The Call Of Time

The business model was based around offering a win-win model that could alleviate charity and community services by engaging merchants and business in providing regular funds to these associations.
Though the idea was compelling but there was a need for a dependable technology partner that could take care of all the requirements in the brining the business model to life. Ephlux responded with an agile and robust technology roadmap.

Ephlux’s Response

In order to strengthen the bond between the main stream merchants/business owners and the charity organizations Ephlux designed the platform called Cash2Rewards (Cash2Rewards.com) that brings merchants and charity organizations along with their members to a common platform.
The concept was to create a “Win-Win” situation for all involved. The idea was that the client through C2R will promote the registered merchants among the registered charity organizations. The charity organizations will encourage their members to shop with the nominated merchants to increase customer traffic for every merchant. The merchant in return to this would pay a rebate that shall be divided between the charity organization, the buyer and a small portion of service fee to C2R to further invest in the marketing and promotion activities

Materializing The Vision

Ephlux partnered with the client and propagated the vision to the investors by building a proof of concept for the solution to be built. The investors, charity organizations and merchants became more enthusiastic by experiencing the proof of concept. Their feedback was incorporated to enhance the concept and build the actual working model of the system.
The iterative model of development helped the client and their investors in understanding the business model and logic better and parallel persuading the merchants and charity organizations to register with C2R.
The development of the solution took pace once the working model was approved. Once the development was completed the system was tested for user experience, security and business logic. The client was encouraged to perform acceptance testing in their premises after beta deployment for further verification and validation.
The platform was successfully launched according to the initial plans and by that time enough merchants and organization were ready to work for their community.

The Outcome

The merchant were happy as C2R brought them free of cost promotion in local market while increasing their customer traffic. The charity organizations and their members were contented to receive a handsome rebate through these merchants which was used to support their cause.
More importantly, this platform revived the essence of community service and the satisfaction of helping the underprivileged within the society.
This service also motivated others in the businesses that were waiting to take a step forward in community building and start similar programs in other parts.

Let’s Make A Move!!

If you believe that you can make a difference in helping your community, get an insight into Cash2Rewards today or if you have an idea that can utilize the power of technology to improve your surroundings, come to us and let’s make a move toward a better tomorrow.

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