Ephlux Expands Its Horizons North of the Border into Canada

Ephlux has had a presence in the US and UK markets for 7 years and a track record of delivering solutions to its existing and growing customer base. This critical mass now allows Ephlux the chance to expand into the USA’s northern neighbor and largest trading partner – Canada.
Expanding into Canada Ephlux intends to focus on its strengths in web, mobile and enterprise applications, and services in digital marketing and social media to deliver solutions rapidly and right priced for today’s business climate. Ephlux has a track record of delighting its customers and their users and partners with its creative solutions and will do the same in Canada.
Exploiting its agility Ephlux has a track record of responding to requirements rapidly and creatively, proposing right-priced solutions, and delivering quickly and on time.
M. Ali Nasim the CEO of Ephlux commented “We’re well established in the USA and now is a propitious time to expand into Canada. Both countries largely share a common language, a similar business culture, and of course a long and well established free trade area (NAFTA). So it’s logical and makes sense for Ephlux to expand into Canada. We’re confident our innovative solutions, delivered in a timely and right-priced fashion, will make as much sense for Canadian customers as for our American and international clients.”
Nauman Shaukat, a senior architect at Ephlux, commented “I’m really excited to be part of a team designing solutions that integrate legacy systems, databases and ERPs with cloud-based architectures utilizing SOA, mobile and social enterprise technologies. With our innovative integration strategies, it all happens so quickly and end-users are thrilled”. He wryly added “I think of it as the ‘Mobile Spring’!”
Martin Harvey stated “Ephlux’s CEO Mr Ali Nasim and I have corresponded electronically over the past few years and recently I had the pleasure of meeting with him in Toronto. I was impressed by his company’s innovative and timely values and services and fascinated by some of the recent Ephlux accomplishments. I was particularly impressed by their track record of integrating back-office ERP and enterprise systems with contemporary leading edge web services, mobile, and even business social apps. Truly exploiting current technology choices. Consequentially I was delighted to accept the offer to work with his team in order to foster and grow Ephlux in Canada”.
For more information refer to https://www.ephlux.com/; contact Martin Harvey at +1-866-788-4185 ext. 565 or martin.harvey@ephlux.com

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