Ephlux enhances a Bridal Dress Designer Company's repertoire with Web 2.0 capabilities!

When a bridal dress designer company in Philadelphia was  seeking an application services provider company to take its business online, Ephlux anchored the opportunity with a partner and helped the client cruise into the e-business paradigm.



The customer was realizing its potential and predicted a great advantage in improving its online presence. Ephlux was contacted by a strategic partner in Philadelphia to support the client and help it achieve a competitive web-solution by modifying the existing application architecture.
Ephlux carried out a profound business and technical analysis of the current web portal and suggested a different approach than what was initially proposed by the client. The road map proposed by Ephlux made a significant impact on the architecture and processes involved in developing the solution.
Under the umbrella of Ephlux’s experienced project managers and design engineers, Ephlux managed to handover a magnificent solution with expandable Web 2.0 features and elements, which resulted in strengthened market and brand image of the Bridal Dress designer company.


The need was to utilize the existing basic design images and templates previously developed for the website with enhanced functionalities and robust code.
Another challenge was to build an overall architecture which had capabilities of expansion into an e-commerce portal which could be re-used for producing similar portals. The media and design team of Ephlux had to embed high quality finished images with a dynamic template, keeping in mind the challenges offered by competitors of the industry.
Additionally the client required a transitional strategy to the latest .NET framework.


Ephlux proposed to revamp the entire website utilizing few modules of the existing code with additional features. To help the client save costs progressively, Ephlux introduced reusability in the solution in such a way that similar portals could be produced by it, via changes in the design templates, by investing only a few work hours. If this had not been done, the client would have faced repetitive hurdles when developing similar portals in the future.
Ephlux quickly formed a small but highly professional team and accelerated to the design phase of the project. The customer believed the task to be lengthy but the dedicated resource model resulted in the contrary. Within a few weeks of the given deadline the designers interlaced an outstanding design.
After the appreciation and approval of the beta versions, the development engineers swiftly iterated to the defining moments of the project. The functional specifications and technical requirements were engineered using .Net 3.5 Framework. The solution used the existing database, but with better utilization and placements across the portal.
The results of the solution were incredible, which directly impacted the business efficiency of the Bridal Dress Designer Company, while building a solid delivery reputation for the Philadelphian partner. The client elected Ephlux (and its partner) as the core technology solutions provider for future e-commerce related endeavors.

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