Ephlux empowered an LA company to ‘Make the Mark!’

Early 2006, Ephlux partnered with a company based in Hawthorne, Los Angeles with one clear objective; to build a top-of-the-line Affiliate Marketing Platform.



Early 2006, Ephlux partnered with a company based in Hawthorne, Los Angeles with one clear objective; to build a top-of-the-line Affiliate Marketing Platform. The client had an ample industry knowledge and reasonable capital to invest to materialize this goal but the missing piece was a reliable and aggressive technology partner to provide them with a definitive road map. Ephlux responded to this need and fulfilled the missing piece with an aggressive actionable delivery strategy and a highly empowered team!
Together the two teams based on decisive information prepared a thorough game plan. Ephlux worked with the customer on all the key fronts starting from thorough business analysis, technology roadmap, architecture design, aggressive incremental development and solid 24×7 support for multiple product deployments
Could Ephlux help them ‘make the mark’ in a highly competitive affiliate marketing industry?


Ephlux was challenged with the task to build a top-notch and competitive affiliate marketing platform that not only far exceeds the functionalities provided by the competitors but also to back it up with a strong operational and technology support. Affiliate marketing platforms bring in several challenges with them such as highly competitive business models, dynamically changing feature sets, need for agile yet scalable architectures and effective marketing to build the actual network. Ephlux geared up to support the client throughout!
Ephlux decided to implement a continual research based solution, exploring through the similar products and designing competent solutions. Ephlux accepted the challenge with determination and proved to be the partner-for-life rather than a mere development source


Before initiating the project a dedicated team of 12 experienced professionals was formulated that comprised of all the roles required by the project. The team later increased to a size of 18 people dedicated to the complete product development and support lifecycle.
Ephlux started the analysis phase by researching and in-depth study of some highlighted products available. The target was to produce a draft prototype that depicts functional and non-functional requirements along with the big picture of the product to be built. The study was enhanced by incorporating our client’s feedback and business targets. This big picture was communicated to the project’s team, the client and their business manager to ensure that all involved have the same vision and goal. The collaborative discussions on requirement analysis improved every aspect of the draft prototype from technical architecture, to database optimization issues, business logic and marketing aspects.
Once the vision was clear across the team, the actual prototype development started to act as a proof of concept. The technical team throughout this phase remained in continuous communication with the client to remove any gaps and delays. The team was given the freedom to iteratively discuss, prioritize and implement the features with the client. This dedicated team configuration (which we call “Power Team” model) proved to be beneficial for both the client as well as Ephlux. The client was satisfied that “his” team shared his vision and is fully equipped to support him throughout the project lifecycle as well as for future releases, and the team was more committed to actually nurture their brain child into a real product.
By the end of this phase the client was satisfied as the prototype answered both the Verification and Validation aspects of the system. The team was confident and more enthusiastic to see the top class product they were about to launch. The team managed to successfully complete the development and performed rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to remove any possible holes.


Ephlux proved its role as the high-value-partner by successfully launching the product. Additionally, Ephlux’s role was extended as the marketing and support/maintenance partner. Ephlux assisted the client in creating and implementing their marketing strategy based on Ephlux research at analysis phase. As a result our client succeeded in marketing and selling their product and yielding enormous profits for themselves.
From the very inception of this project Ephlux took a proactive approach by identifying the product’s actual vision, its audience, limitations, market trends and most importantly the business goals. Throughout the life cycle of the project these factors were given the most importance to build a sellable and profitable product.
If you are aggressive to build a product that has huge competitions yet you see opportunities for your business but you’re not sure how to go about it, contact Ephlux to Make Your Mark TODAY!!

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