Ephlux Designs A Market-winner: The Kiosk Android App for Philips

Philips decided to do marketing with a twist in Denmark – showcasing its products on Android Tablet based Kiosks. Ephlux, with all its love for digital innovation and disruptive marketing, designed and developed the Kiosk Android App for Philips.

To get up and close to the people, and create a new interactive experience, Philips decided to use Android tablet based kiosks to showcase its next range of products. So, instead of using big screens targeting the entire audience, Philips opted for tablets positioned on their kiosks. The consumers could choose and view the products of their choice, along with their features.
Tupelo, a local marketing agency, was hired for this campaign to create an awesome marketing blend with technology. Ephlux conjoined with Tupelo to design the technical solution. More than 200 Android based tablets were distributed to the different Philips’ showrooms and outlets in various cities of Denmark for this marketing campaign.
The Tablet Conundrum
The flurry of adoption surrounding the tablet technologies has more businesses investigating how to incorporate this familiar and favored consumer technology into a commercial environment.
For this exercise, the tablets needed to turn on/off automatically according to the outlet’s working hours. This meant that the solution needed to be self-instructed, requiring a minimum of human intervention / interaction. Also, a very important point to cover was the flawless functionality of the tablet, making unnecessary use of the tablet out of the question. The users should not be able to surf their way of the marketing content at any time.
The solution should enable an automatic run-through the products and their striking features, and at the same time allow users to tap on the screen and enable viewing desired content manually.
The biggest challenge was that the campaign required the solution to be up and running in just four weeks.
Connecting the dots
Ephlux designed the content on HTML5, with the attractive visuals of different product categories and their range. The graphics rendered on the screen, based on an algorithm to toggle display patterns and not look tedious.
The Android app, which communicated with the core operating system, was locked using a master password disabling interception with the device’s functionality. Configuring smart timers made the device’s on/off capability certain. The solution should ascertain that in case of accidental device power off, the app launches as soon as the device restarts.
The app was tested on Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note for the performance check, and successfully delivered to Tupelo for installation on the 200 tablets.
The Eternal Realization
The sleek designs and touch screen technology is drawing increased interest for integrating tablets for self-service application presentation and improving customer engagement.  Philips was overwhelmed by the response this smart marketing campaign brought about and plans to upgrade it for the next event.
Philips witnessed the apt and keen attitude of Ephlux and has discussed the phase II of the solution, to return with a bang of interactive and fun features!