Ephlux Created Scribeflow – a smart solution for Healthcare and IT-enabled BPO Services

Ephlux gifted the doctors and physicians around the world with a revolutionary e-marketplace that transformed the world of transcription.

Ephlux, partnered with a company in California, and developed from scratch, a solution that enveloped the business analysis, architecture, design, development, deployment and testing phases of the project.
Challenge – the diagnosis
To develop a platform that catered to all sorts of medical projects from all around the world, keep it simple, accessible and to especially give a new name to the concept of transcript creation, was a daunting task in itself.
The Proper Treatment
With restless efforts and genius ideas, a smart and convenient e-marketplace was built that focused on Healthcare IT and IT-enabled BPO services including, but not limited to, transcription, medical billing and dictation services.
Physician groups and doctor’s assistants, using the e-marketplace, could upload project and receive bids from across the globe. Using the Escrow system, the doctor’s assistants could manage projects, settle payments based on pre-defined milestones and payment terms, enabling a highly convenient pre-authorization of payments.
With an added rating engine, the users were able to rate the service vendors for explicit specializations and geographic locations.
A revolutionary e-marketplace solution for doctors and physicians around the globe was developed that was efficient, convenient and simply helpful – becoming every doctor’s favorite transcript centre!