JD Edwards complex Sales Order Entry with Skid Planning and Integration with Shipment Carrier for Spectra Premium

Montreal based Spectra Premium – leading automobile parts manufacturer selects Ephlux to build complex BSSV integrations of their E1 with Shipment carriers including Fedex and UPS.

Spectra Premium Industries Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada. Spectra Premium is specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of cooling systems, fuel delivery, ignition and engine management, climate control, and under car components for automotive vehicles as well as light and heavy trucks.
The Company owns and operates five manufacturing plants, 16 warehouses and a distribution network in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Backed by unparalleled customer and after sales service, Spectra Premium is the automobile manufacturers’, auto technicians’ and consumers’ choice for reliable, quality parts and automotive systems.


Spectra Premium wanted to integrate their complex ‘Sales Order Entry’ for medium to large consignments with the shipment carriers including FedEx and UPS.


Since there was no integration, there had to be a highly erroneous manual process in place where a staff member had to hand-enter the sales order data including the SKUs in the the separate FedEx and UPS systems in order to generate the shipment labels.


There was no way to analyze and optimize the best routes, carriers and shipment configuration for Spectra. Also once the label was generated by the siloed shipment systems it had to be entered back into the JD Edwards Sales Order application.


Ephlux first prototyped the solution helping Spectra think through the various complexities and solution alternatives. Ephlux worked closely with Spectra to finalize the technical design and architecture. Ephlux implemented E1 applications and web-services in JD Edwards E1 to seamlessly automate and optimize the whole process.


Optimization of Route & Shipment Configuration

The solution also allows to analyze the shipment configuration and optimize based on the shipment routes and pricing before generating the labels from right inside of JD Edwards.

Here’s what Spectra Premium says about working with Ephlux

They were always there to answer my questions and with the Venture software it was easy to communicate and share information. Created new web service project for FedEx & UPS labels. Also, they helped us resolve other web-service issues.

Jennyfer Beauchamp – Director, Application Systems

Functional Overview

  • Customer Sales Order Entry
  • Shipment Truck Skid Planning
  • Integration with FedEx & UPS
  • Carrier Label Generation

Technical Overview

  • E1 Application Customization
  • Custom E1 Tables, Views, SQL Queries
  • C-Business Function Modifications
  • Consumer Business Services
  • FedEx & UPS Business Services
  • BSSV Properties for Configurable Environment

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