Ephlux and its LA partner bring together E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking

Ephlux and its US partner worked together to merge Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing, and social networking to come up with a first of its kind web 2.0 platform called Social Cart.



Having a solid experience with Affiliate Marketing Software, Ephlux and its Californian partner Eware worked together to merge Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking to come up with a first of its kind web 2.0 platform.
The objective of the platform was to provide individuals and companies a powerful web 2.0 online affiliate / social marketing solution by utilizing the growing trend of Social Networks. Ephlux was required to explore and develop both from the business and technological perspective and in turn create a user-friendly, yet powerful promotional tool which multiplies over social networking sites as an effective money making and instant sale solution.


There were several challenges; the major one from the business angle being that the solution should be as fruitful for the online vendors as it is for the re-sellers. Additionally, the marketing widget assigned to the members for product sales and promotion should be customizable and comprehensively compatible with top-of-the line social networking sites.
Ephlux immediately assembled a highly skilled team of Software Engineers, an experienced business analyst with advertising background and a creative web designer headed by a dynamic Project Manager.
The idea was merging Affiliate Markets and the Social Marketing model into a fused, singular powerful solution compatible with large Social Networks, which outcomes to a huge network of Social Marketers.

Achieving The Aim

The Ephlux team quickly grasped the idea and drove it to the development phase after composing a thorough implementation plan with robust change management based on an ongoing market research. Keeping the business model in focus, the Ephlux team developed two working prototypes within three weeks. The design and style sheet of the widget was created in such a manner that it turns out to be flexible, blends with the themes of different social networks and at the same time maintains its uniqueness.
The multi-tiered architecture was engineered to ensure flexibility and dynamism in the solution. The prototypes helped Ephlux and its partner in identifying the progress of the project and the marketing objectives planned. This also helped Ephlux in customizing and adding further features to the solution.
Constant feedback and open communication from the end user was a factor vital to the project’s success. After rigorous effort and planning, Ephlux finally attained its goal and achieved a land-mark in the Online Advertising and Retail industry. The simple idea of a Social Cart turned out to be exactly what anyone

Web2.0-Enable Your E-Commerce Strategy With Ephlux !

If you have a quality product or an exciting service to offer, Ephlux can help you in achieving your goals and reaching out to your customers via Web 2.0 E-Commerce technologies and tools.
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