ENNIS – E-Commerce | CPQ Platform Integration with JD Edwards using BSSVs

Ennis, Inc. trusted Ephlux for integration of its e-Commerce platforms, CPQ platform and distributor network with its upgraded JD Edwards 9.2

Ennis, Inc. (NYSE:EBF) was founded in 1909 as a single print shop operating in Ennis, TX. Since then Ennis has grown to more than 55 locations across the US, making them a leading manufacturer and supplier of print products for the wholesale trade. For more than 110 years, Ennis has been an industry leader offering high-quality products, reliable service and innovative solutions.


Ennis was using an outdated integration approach to capture the sales orders from many of their affiliates spread across the United States. Each affiliate was using their own e-commerce platforms to capture the printing jobs which were then passed on to Ennis to capture and process the printing jobs on.

Ennis was using an old integration process which was mired with discrepancies and potential for errors and could not scale for the growing volume. Ennis was researching the better approach and a partner to provide a robust and scalable integration between the affiliate e-commerce websites, a home-made CPQ platform and its JD Edwards ERP.

This is where they found Ephlux and we got to business right away.


Ephlux thoroughly researched all the integration use-cases between the affiliate e-commerce websites, quotation system and Ennis JD Edwards Sales Order processing setup.

After mapping all the functional specifications, Ephlux designed a robust framework to process the e-commerce orders coming from multiple affiliate ecommerce sources via a consolidated set of Business Services (BSSVs) into the JD Edwards Sales Order process.

Ephlux worked closely with the ENNIS team throughout the process ensuring the new framework and solution worked seamlessly with their existing core sales order process. At the end of it all, ENNIS went LIVE with a robust e-commerce integration framework utilizing Business Services (BSSVs) which scaled with the business volume.

Functional Overview

  • Affiliate E-Commerce Printing Job Sales Orders
  • Custom CPQ Integration
  • Integration with Sales Order Entry and Order Processing

Technical Overview

  • E-Commerce XML Payloads
  • Business Services (BSSVs) for Middleware
  • XSL Transformation of XML Payloads
  • Custom Sales Order Entry Business Services (BSSVs)

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