Employee Tax History App for SAP S4HANA


Swift Employee Tax History App for SAP S4HANA automates tax document management for businesses and employees alike. With intuitive interfaces, QR code and barcode scanning, genAI insights, and label printing, it simplifies access to tax records and enhances organizational efficiency. Users benefit from streamlined processes, accurate data retrieval, insightful analytics, and organized documentation, empowering informed decision-making and ensuring compliance.

The Swift Employee Tax History App provides the following key features:

Note: You need Swift platform service to use this application.


The dashboard view is a user-friendly hub designed to streamline tax document management.

  • Upon login, users receive personalized greetings and instructional videos for easy navigation.
  • The centerpiece is the “My Tax History” widget, enabling seamless access and management of records.
  • Users also benefit from notifications for deadlines, genAI insights, and support resources, ensuring efficiency and empowerment in tax management tasks.

My Tax History

The “My Tax History” feature in this app offers a comprehensive “Find and Browse” form, enabling efficient access to tax records.

  • Users can easily search and filter documents by date, type, or keyword.
  • Additionally, the form offers straightforward browsing options for chronological or categorical navigation, ensuring quick and convenient access to relevant tax history

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