Empathetic Guide to the Perfect Mobile App improving your Customer Experience!

Put yourself in the user’s shoes – the secret to creating an enjoyable mobile App that improves the customer experience journey. Just look down on your mobile phone and think about all the apps you have downloaded and never used. Adding the right amount of thought and attention to the Mobile App can enrich the customer experience and spell success. Success would be in the form of higher loyalty and increased business that really reinforces the bottom line!
Ergo, the best question to ask of a proposed app would be if it’s useful or not. Today’s mobile market emphasizes on intuitive use and one that follows through to the promise. The App should be able to play the Multi-channel card, in case the user wants to reach out. Mobile Apps should also be well integrated – the interactions between the app and the enterprise should be tracked, and also be able to identify opportunities (assist the customer in better ways or a simple chance to cross sell)
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This is also where the responsive design comes in. A small example of a typical problem is the non-wrapping text, so if a user is zooming, your text should wrap so that there’s no need to drag the screen across manually to read each sentence. Ideally, there should be no unfinished business in a mobile app because it leaves the user of today quite vulnerable – and that would hurt your business too.
The business objective needs to be assist rather than show limitations to what the user wants to achieve. A great customer experience needs to follow a holistic view of the mobile application. Essentially, this means having a fault-free, complete and well integrated front end (the app on the mobile device), the middle tier (the connectivity layer) and the back-end systems (where customer histories are stored. and transactions are processed). Every one of these layers is crucial and deserves the consideration to improve the customer experience, which will almost certainly lead to lower costs and additional revenues—not to mention happier customers.
The Applications running on mobile devices have really become the new customer experience battleground – and also serve to be a critical connecting point between customers and businesses. So, the point returns where we revise that businesses need to find out what customers expect from mobile applications (that they work!) and work on the technologies and practices needed to create useful apps.